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Chloe and Jason Roweth – Folk Music and Poetry…

Chloe and Jason Roweth are two Australian musicians. I first discovered a video where they played an instrumental version of the old tune Just as the sun went down when I did some research about the composer Lyn Udall.

They are playing many interesting traditional tunes from Australia with mandolin, mandola and guitar. Sometimes they are joined by Bill Browne who adds some percussion to the songs, sometimes they play with a bigger band including other instruments like accordion, double bass and concertina.

Jason is a great storyteller, I love the combination of telling stories with mandolin & guitar in the background, this reminds me to the shows of the Prairie Home Companion with Garrison  Keillor.

I have compiled some of my favorite videos with Chloe and Jason Roweth in this playlist:

Playlist Chloe and Jason Roweth – Folk and Poetry from

Additional Information

Website Chloe & Jason Roweth

The Roweths bring cutting edge arrangements of Australian traditional music and poetry to the big stage. They work with new and old ballads, work songs, early country music, original music, poetry, yarns, and dance tunes, drawing explicit thematic connections between pieces to tell a larger story. These are the songs of the kitchen, verandah, shearers’ huts, the local, and the campfire in all their warmth, and ornery vitality. This is Australian entertainment with the hair still on it!

youtube channel Jason Roweth

Prairie Home Companion



Discover Some Great Mandolin Resources in Australia – Sheet…

I have recently discovered some great resources for the mandolin in Australia.

Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles

On the website  of the Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles you can find information about the mandolin orchestras in Australia.

Most interesting is the FAME newsletter “Plucked Strings” which is published quartely. All the newsletters beginning with the June 2008 edition are availbale as PDF files for download.In those newsletters you can find reports about mandolin orchestras, important events and concerts, but also an interesting article series by Keith Harris about the fingering on the mandolin.

Divertimento for Two Mandolins and Guitar – Robert Schulz

Youtube channel:

Italian Mandolins from catalog “A.P. Sykes : importer of all kinds of musical instruments”

National Library of Australia – Sheet Music for Mandolin

List of available sheetmusic and other documents relating the mandolin:[]=&submit=Find&limit[]=format%3AOnline

The National Library of Australia has a digital archive that contains sheet music for the mandolin and the banjo from the beginning of the 20th century. This collection does also contain two volumes of an early Australian mandolin method, Arkins Correspondence Lesson for the Mandolin.[]=&submit=Find&limit[]=format%3AOnline

The complete 5 volumes of this method are available in the Library, but only Part 2 and 3 have been digitised. I have just bought part 4 which contains special instructions for learning the tremolo.

Read more “Discover Some Great Mandolin Resources in Australia – Sheet Music and Photos”


Samantha Muir – Impressive Guitar Player from Down Under

When I did a review of my post about Maria Linnemann I have found some video clips by Samantha Muir, a guitarist from Australia. Samantha Muir has also recorded several pieces by Maria Linnemann.

I have watched several clips from Samantha Muir’s youtube channel. Her current channel video is a video with two guitar pieces, a modern composition by Phillip Houghton and the well known Präludium from the lute suite BWV 1007 by J. S. Bach in an arrangement by Samantha Muir.

God of the Northern Forest + Bach BWV1007

Two contrasting pieces:

1. God of the Northern Forest by Australian composer Phillip Houghton.

2. Prelude BWV 1007 by JS Bach transcribed by me, Samantha Muir

This video is my audition for the Cape Town International Guitar Competition 2011 🙂

I can really recommend the youtube channel of Samantha Muir if you like to listen to some good guitar music.

This is another example, a composition by Maria Linnemann:

Murmures by Maria Linnemann

Additional Informationen

Webiste Samantha Muir:

Youtube channel Samantha Muir:

my previous post about Maria Linnemann:


Stephen Lalor – Domra / Mandolin / Steve Lalor…

Stephen Lalor will attend the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Juni in Bruchsal. Here is the only video with Stephen Lalor that I have found:

Mandolin Solo Domra Stephen Lalor “Kolo Kolo”

World music mandolin domra solo Russia Volatinsky Trio Australia

I have found some other Videos with a singer and guitarist named Steve Lalor – but obviously this is another person:

He Was A Friend Of Mine (Bob Dylan) – Steve Lalor & Paul Gillingham

Steve Lalor and Paul Gillingham sing Bob Dylan’s “He Was A Friend Of Mine” at the NW Folklife Festival (Seattle), Stan James Tribute Concert, May 24, 2009. Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Folklore Society.

And finally a family video – no need to watch the pictures – but listen to the music: Song – “Auld Lang Syne” by Steve Lalor.

More information about Stephen Lalor can be found in my newer post: