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Jose Miguel Morena – Vihuela and Lute – Music…

A nice video of a concert by Jose Miguel Morena that was given during the Early Music Festivals in St. Petersburg (Russia) has created interest for this musician.

The video can be found in the blog of the Russian camera man Roman Gurochkin. Moreno plays music of the Renaissance on a vihuela, at the end of the video he plays his version of the well known tune Canarios by Gaspar Sanz.


Jose Miguel Morena is one of the important specialists for old plucked instruments –  including the barock-guitar, the vihuela, the luth, the theorbe and also the modern guitar. He has published many recordings.

The following videos show parts from a luth concert:

Jose Miguel Morena – Laute

Renaissance music from Spain:

Renaissance music from England, including the Frog Galliard by John Downland:

More videos with Jose Miguel Morena, including Barock pieces by Sylvius Leopold Weiss can be found in my playlist:



More information:

Wikipedia about the vihuela: Vihuela (German) and Vihuela (Englisch)

The vihuela society from Spain: http://www.sociedaddelavihuela.com/

Notes about Jose Miguel Morena:



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