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Guitar Method by Eduard Bayer - Cover historical instruments

Eduard Bayer – A Guitar Method of the 19th…

Recently I have made a scan of a guitar method by Eduard Bayer and added it to my score catalogue at musicaneo.com.

Eduard Bayer was a guitar virtuoso and composer of the 19th century. He played a special guitar with 10 strings, an early version of the harp-guitar. I have found the following video of a performance of the Souvenir d’Amour by Eduard Bayer played by Brian Torosian on a reproduction of a guitar like the one played by Eduard Bayer:

Brian Torosian performs Bayer’s Souvenir d’amour on 10-string Harp Guitar

Dr. Brian Torosian performs “Souvenir d’amour (Fantasie Brillante), Op. 22” by Eduard Bayer (1822-1908) on an R. E. Brune reproduction of a classic 1850’s Scherzer 10-string harp guitar at the 8th Harp Guitar Gathering November 13, 2010.
I believe this is the first-ever recording of this virtuoso harp guitar piece.
Video copyright 2010 The Harp Guitar Foundation
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Some notes about the life of Edward Bayer can be found in the famous book  “The Guitar and Mandolin” by Bone (click any image to open gallery):

The guitar method does also contain some notes and reviews (in German) – here is the cover and the notes from my scan of the guitar method – (click any image to open gallery):

Another source for information about Eduard Bayer is the book “Materialien zu einer Geschichte der Guitarre und ihre Meister mit Abbildungen von Eduard Fack. Berlin 1884.” (in German). The PDF is available from the  Website of the luthier Martin Hurrtig. (http://www.lautenbau-leipzig.de/projekte.html)

Additonal Information

Website Brian Torosian

The guitar method by Eduard Bayer at musicaneo

Link collection about  Eduard Bayer


Free Sheet Music by Eduard Bayer in the Danish Royal Library:

Bayer, Eduard Sechs Ländler: für zwei Guitarren, Op. 37.

Bayer, Eduard Souvenir d’amour: fantaisie brillante pour la guitarre seule à 10 ou 6 cordes, Op. 22 / par Ed. Bayer

Bayer, Eduard Souvenir d’Ems: 6 Laendler pour deux guitarres, Op. 23. / par Ed. Bayer

Bayer, Eduard Le repertoire du guitarriste / composés par Ed. Bayer: morceaux modernes et non difficiles ; cah. 1

Bayer, Eduard Sechs Ländler: für zwei Guitarren, Op. 37


Carol of the Bells

I have heard Carol of the Bells first on the Christmas CD “Blue Grass & White Snow” by Patty Loveless. According to the the reviews it was played by members of the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble – with mandolins, mandocellos, guitars, flute and tubular bells – a very beautiful (and I think still my favorite) version of this song. You can find a review of this CD at: http://countrymusic.about.com/od/cdreviewsal/fr/BlugrassWhtSnow.htm

Unfortunately this version is not available at youtube.

But there are many, many videos at youtube, and I have selected my favorite versions with plucked instruments for this post.

Carol of the Bells: John King ukulele

Classical guitarist Phillip Lester demonstrates his solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Carol of the Bells.

Carol of the Bells – Tom & Krystin perform this traditional carol from their Christmas Guitars CD.

“Carol of the Bells” by Eric Loy (Harp Guitar)

A very special instrument – the harp guitar – is used in the following video:

And finally a beautiful version with a mandolin and two guitars:

Many more versions with Tubas, Cellos, Percussion ensemble, One Man/Woman Choirs, Jazz Choirs, School Choirs, Church Choirs, Pop-Stars like Destinys Child or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, instructions for guitar can be found in my playlist Carol of the Bells.

Sheet Music

I have found several sources for free sheet music of Carol of the Bells

The first is a version of for a recorder ensemble with finger cymbals and triangle – this might also be played with mandolins and guitars – just try it:

Amy L. Heavilin: Carol of the Bells (recorder)

A version for four cellos ca be fond in the Folk Cello Blog: Carol of the Bells (Cello)

TABs for the ukulele version by John King can be found at: http://www.nalu-music.com/ukulele-tablature/carol-of-the-bells-ukulele/

Two versions for piano can be found at: http://www.music-for-music-teachers.com/ukrainian-bell-carol.html

On the following page you can also find a version of Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian Bells) wuth a playlog file to practice and some other christmas carols: http://www.musicstudents.com/archive/christmas.html

More free sheet music sites for christmas carols from Germany and other countries can be found on my homepage, direct link to the page (only German – I will translate this and add it as a post in this blog): http://www.mandoisland.de/noten2009/weihnachten.html

Additional information

Many information about Carol of the Bells, including a list of notable performances of this piece can be found at wikipedia: Carol of the Bells

Nashville Mandolin Ensemble at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/nashvillemandolinensemble

Homepage Patty Loveless: http://www.pattyloveless.com/

Harp guitars: http://www.harpguitars.net/

Playlist: Carol of the Bells

Link collection – free sheetmusic for christmas: http://pinboard.in/u:mandoisland/t:weihnachten/t:noten

Mandozine Tabs for Christmas: http://www.mandozine.com/music/

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