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David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel / David Grisman and…

David Grisman is currently working with Tommy Emmanuel for a new CD, and the duo will be touring in the USA for the next time.

Today two new videos of the duo have been made available, Cinderella’s Fella and Tipsy Gipsy. I have added three videos from concerts by David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel in the following playlist:

Twenty years ago David Grismann gave a concert with Tony Rice gegeben, the complete concert with more than 2 hours is available:

David Grisman and Tony Rice, Arts and Science Center of Catawba County, Hickory, NC, 10-11-1997 in its entirety, presented by Acoustic Stage

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Release of Album Pickin’

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP and celebrated mandolinist David “Dawg” Grisman have joined forces on a new collaborative album entitled, Pickin’ – available in stores and all digital retailers on Friday, November 3. This marks the first recorded collaboration between these two acoustic titans and arrives on Grisman’s own label, Acoustic Disc. Pickin’ reflects on both Tommy and David’s signature classical, Americana, folk, and roots stylings, but it also artfully merges jazz rhythms, jamming, and unpredictability in the mix.


Dawgmatism + Dawgma – Two related Compositions by David…

David Grisman has created his own style of music called Dawg-Music. In this style he has combined elements of swing and bluegrass. Many pieces composed by David Grisman contain the word “Dawg” in its name, like the two compositions Dawgmatism and Dawgma.

Both pieces are based on the same harmonies and have almost the same melody, Dawgmatism is a slow piece, while Dwagma is played fast and with a steady rhythm. The harmonies of the first part are also the same harmonies as in the jazz classic Autumn Leaves, the chords of the second part are very interesting and fit well for the mandolin.

David Grisman Quintet “Dawgmatism”

David Grisman Quintet at NedFest doing “Dawgmatism” 090829

Antiqua & Instead of Net plays “Dawgma” at Restaurant “NOYA” 03/12/2010

Japanese acoustic progressive “Rock” band ANTIQUA & Japanese DAWG band Instead of Net plays “Dawgma” .

Playlist Dawgmatism / Dawgma

Additional information

Dawgmatism at Mandozine: Dawgmatism (Tabledit file)

Chord Chart: DawgmatismChordChart

More recordings:

Frank Tiedemann: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=1185924&t=1

Dawg Tracks: http://www.davidgrisman.com/acd_html/dawgtracks.html

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David Grisman – Tipsy Gypsy – A Great Swing…

A great swing tune by David GrismanTipsy Gypsy.

This is a great tune if you want to start with jazz or swing mandolin. You can find free TABs and sheet music on the Mandozine homepage.

David Grisman played and conducted this with participants of the Mandolin Syposium 2006 – a great performance:

Dawg Ensemble – Mandolin Symposium 2006

Adam Steffey and Kym Warner played Tipsy Gypsy with just two mandolins:

Adam Steffey & Kym Warner – Tipsy Gypsy

Playlist with more versions of Tipsy Gypsy

Tabs and sheet music for Tipsy Gypsy are available on the Mandozine homepage (you need tabledit to view / print / play this):


TABS and sheet music for guitar: http://www.flatpick.com/lessons/september2008.html

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Interview with Mandolin-Masters David Grisman and Chris Thile

A German Blog has just written about an interview that David Grisman has made with Chris Thile in 2008

Interview mit den beiden Mandolinen-Virtuosen David Grisman und Chris Thile


This is an interesting post with a lot of informations about David Grisman and Chris Thile. The Interview was published in the Fretboard Journal in 2008 and is available online:


I have tried to find a video with David Grisman and Chris Thile – her it is:

Ralphs Banjo Special – Grisman Quintet Reunion

David Grisman Quintet Reunion.
2003, Floyd Fest.
David Grisman – Mandolin
Tony Rice – Guitar
Darol Anger – Fiddle
Mike Marshal – Mandolin
Jim Kerwin – Bass
with Chris Thile – Mandolin, Josh Pinkham- Mandolin,
Jeff Austin – Mandolin, Sarah Watkins – Fiddle.