Dawgmatism + Dawgma – Two related Compositions by David Grisman

David Grisman has created his own style of music called Dawg-Music. In this style he has combined elements of swing and bluegrass. Many pieces composed by David Grisman contain the word “Dawg” in its name, like the two compositions Dawgmatism and Dawgma.

Both pieces are based on the same harmonies and have almost the same melody, Dawgmatism is a slow piece, while Dwagma is played fast and with a steady rhythm. The harmonies of the first part are also the same harmonies as in the jazz classic Autumn Leaves, the chords of the second part are very interesting and fit well for the mandolin.

David Grisman Quintet “Dawgmatism”

David Grisman Quintet at NedFest doing “Dawgmatism” 090829

Antiqua & Instead of Net plays “Dawgma” at Restaurant “NOYA” 03/12/2010

Japanese acoustic progressive “Rock” band ANTIQUA & Japanese DAWG band Instead of Net plays “Dawgma” .

Playlist Dawgmatism / Dawgma

Additional information

Dawgmatism at Mandozine: Dawgmatism (Tabledit file)

Chord Chart: DawgmatismChordChart

More recordings:

Frank Tiedemann: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=1185924&t=1

Dawg Tracks: http://www.davidgrisman.com/acd_html/dawgtracks.html

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