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ARTE International Mandolin Festival & Competition – Tokyo 2022

The 12th ARTE International Mandolin Festival & Competition took place in October 2022.

Roi Dayan from Israel won the first prize, Marine Moletto from France won the second prize, and Dilyara Sagdeeva from Russia won the 3rd prize.

Results of the 2022 Competition

Videos from performances of the winners and participants are now available. This is a great occasion to see and hear the best mandolin players from the World and to hear some of the best compositions for mandolin.

Roi Dayan – Finale

2:38 C.Domeniconi / Ant-Asia
8:30 Avner Dorman / Mandolin Cocerto
Piano : Nozomi ASAHARA

Roi Dayan – Semi Finale

Piano: Nozomi ASAHARA
00:52 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:30 P.Sarasate/Carmen Fantasy

Marine Moletto – Final

1:05 G.Leone/Air No.4 “L’avez vous vu mon bien aime”
10:57 C.Domeniconi/Loco nox
18:13 Y.Kuwahara/Improvised Poem

Marine Moletto – Semifinal

00:21 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:55 J.Nakano/Fantasia No.2 op.43

Dilyara SAGDEEVA(Russia) – Semifinal

00:39 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:34 Y.Kuwahara/Improvised Poem

More videos from the 2022 event are available in the youtube channel


3rd Eurasia Competition for Russian Folk Instruments

Recently I have discovered videos from the 3rd Eurasia Competition for players od Russian folk instruments.

The performances of Ganyushkina Svetlana Vasilievna (Jekaterinburg) Domra-Alt and Unguryan Maria Alexandrovna (Jekaterinburg) Domra have been published in the youtube channel of the pianist Kristina Shestakova.

Ganyushkina Svetlana Vasilievna (Jekaterinburg) Alt-Domra – 3rd Price

III International Competition of Performers on Russian Folk Instruments “Eurasia – III”
Round II:
M. Bronner “Pro et contra”
A. Byzov “Gossip”
A. Tsygankov “Jewish melodies”
Ganyushkina Svetlana – domra-alto
Shestakova Christina – piano

III International Competition of Performers on Russian Folk Instruments “Eurasia-III”
Round I:
J. Haydn Concerto for cello and orchestra C-dur III movement
S. Rachmaninov “Vocalise”
M. Gorobtsov Meditations on Eurasian Themes “Journey to the Sunrise”
Ganyushkina Svetlana – domra-alto
Shestakova Christina – piano

Unguryan Maria Alexandrovna got the 1st price with her fantastic performance on the domra.

Unguryan Maria Alexandrovna (Jekaterinburg) Domra – 1st Price

III International Competition of Performers on Russian Folk Instruments “Eurasia”
Round II:
B. Matryashin “Improvisation and Toccata”
V. Ivko “Concert-Toccata”
Unguryan Maria – domra
Shestakova Christina – piano

III International Competition of Performers on Russian Folk Instruments “Eurasia”
Round I:
J.F. Ramo “Chicken”
I. Tamarin Concerto for domra and orchestra II movement “Intermezzo”
E. Podgaits Concert “Seasons in Moscow” IV part “Winter”
Unguryan Maria – domra
Shestakova Christina – piano

Additional Information

Website: https://konkurs-eurasia.ru/

In the youtube channel of Kristina Shestakova you can find more domra videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCea5RImZ713RVcY7BCXpM9A/videos


Mandolin Lovers Club Competition – Japan

The Mandolin Lovers Club (MLC) is a group of leading mandolin players in Japan.

The MLC has organized a competition for solo mandolin / mandola / mandoloncello performances. There was no limitation, everybody could make a video and take part in the competition. All videos were added to a playlist and everybody could vote for his favorite videos.

Winner of the competition: RADWIMPS mandolin cover by Yoshito Ishizu

The complete playlist with the 17 videos taking part in the competition.

Website Mandolin Lovers Club

Mandolin Lovers Club – Competition (google translation to English)

Mandolin Lovers Club – Competition (Japanese)

Mandolin Lovers Club – twitter

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Herbert-Baumann Composition Competition for Mandolin, Mandolin Duet, Mandolin and…

The Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V. is a community of musicians, music lovers and teachers. They have selected the following motto for their activities:

Im Mittelpunkt steht die Musik.

My translation (if you have a better translation please let me know):

In the center there is the music.

The Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V. arranges musical competitions every year. The last competition – the Michael-Tröster-Competion for Guitar Duos – took place this year.

In October 2011 the International Siegfried-Behrend-Competition for Mandolin Orchestras will take place.

And there will also be a competition for composers:

Herbert-Baumann-Kompositionswettbewerb: “Neue Musik für junge Mandolinenspieler”

Herbert-Baumann-Competition: “New Music for Young Mandolin Players”

This competition is advertised for new compositions in two categories, short pieces for the first and second grade (“Unterstufe” and “Mittelstufe” according to the syllabus of the Association of German Music Schools VdM) :

Category I:

  • Mandolin Solo
  • Duets for Two Mandolins


  • Mandolin and Piano
  • Mandoline and Guitar

On the homepage of the Musikforum Schweinfurt you can find an interesting 10-page document with a description of all possible techniques of the mandolin and the notations for those compiled by Marga Wilden-Hüsgen.

The winning compositions will be published in  two separate volumes titled Aachener Mandolinenbuch. I think this is a big chance to get a nice collection of new pieces for mandolin, mandolin duet, mandolin and guitar and mandolin and piano.

I have selected 3 videos with works that have been composed for the Herbert-Baumann-Competition in 2009 which was advertised for new composition for guitar. The winning compositions have been published in the Schweinfurter Gitarrenbuch. Michael Tröster plays three compositions:

Playlist Michael Tröster – Schweinfurter Gitarrenbuch

Additional Information

Musikforum Schweinfurt: http://www.musikforum-schweinfurt.de/

More competitions for composition: http://www.cmc.ie/opportunities/competitions.html