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Hawaii, the Ukulele and Jake Shimabukuro

This year on August 21, 1969 Hawaii became the 50th state of the USA.

The typical instrument of Hawaii is the tiny ukulele, and one of the musicians, who really know how to play the ukulele is Jake Shimabukuro. The following video shows how Jake Shimabukuro plays one of his most successful pieces, the Beatles song While my Guitar Gently Weeps played on the ukulele. The ukulele played by Jake is made from beautiful koa wood, the typical wood that also grows in Hawaii and that is used for the best ukuleles.

Jake Shimabukuro LIVE Ukulele Concert: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The ukulele has become very popular during the last years, and during my holiday in New York I have seen several ukulele players. One of those told me that the music of Jake Shimabukuro inspired him to play the ukulele too. While I stayed in New York Jake played an open air concert at the Lincoln Center, the following video was made at that concert:

Jake Interview by ukulele.fr. – In this interview Jake shows his Kamaka tenor ukulele and tells about his instrument an about how to learn the ukulele. The interview is in English with French subtitles:

ukulele.fr Interview part 1

ukulele.fr Intervie part 2

Homepage of Jake Shimakuburo with many audio examples

Playlist Jake Shimabukuro – New Videos 2017

Playlist Jake Shimabukuro

Nashville Sessions – Jake Shimabukuro

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historical recordings

British Pathé – Historic videos with mandolin, banjo, ukulele…

The French ukulele site ukulele.fr pointed me today to British Pathé.

British Pathé is one of the oldest media companies, the founder of the company – Charles Pathé – began already in the 1890s to work with moving images.

They produced weekly movies with the events and news of the week for the cinamas and by this have collected a huge archive of movies from between 1900 and 1970 when they stopped producing the cinema newsreel.

The movies are now freely available for viewing on their website British Pathé

You can search for words like mandolin, ukulele or banjo to find movies with those instruments.

Einige interessante Videos mit Mandoline habe ich hier einmal zusammengestellt:

Dyke’s Romany Mandolin Band (1938)

This video shows some nice mandolins, obviously Calace models, and also a big mandoloncello. There are also some other videos with groups of mandolins and guitars.

Dieses Video zeigt die Spieler des Ensembles, die teilweise schöne Calace Mandolinen spielen, ausserdem ist ein großes Mandoloncello zu sehen. Es gibt noch einige andere Videos mit Ensembles mit Mandolinen.

Gaston Palmer (1937)

Gaston Palmer is using a mandolin with a small bowl and juggels with it, and at the end plays some notes on this mandolin.

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