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The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra – Brighton

Today I have found the following Online ad of the Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra – as this does contain all the imprtant information about this orchestra I have just copied the complete text including the links to the videos of the Orchestra.

The original text with some photos of the group  can be found here (link no more available).

The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra – Brighton

We’re an established plucked orchestra that’s been in Brighton for about 15 years and we’ve won national competitions many times, in this country.
We’re approx 25 to 30 strong, but that ain’t enough (there are plucked orchestras, in Japan, about 100 strong!).
We have mandolins, mandolas, guitars and mandobass players.
We work like a regular orchestra, with sections of 1st and 2nd mandolins (1st and 2nd violins), mandolas (violas), mandocellos (cellos), and mandobass (double bass).
It’s also a lot of fun, as testifies by our being together for the last 15 years!
We play plenty of contemporary modern compositions, from around the world, as well as classical and traditional pieces.
We perform about 6 to 8 concerts a year and rehearse every Tuesday at 7.30pm, at St George’s Church, in Kemptown.
Come and check us out, at our rehearsals, if you want to.
(link no more available)
If you want to see more of our concerts, please also check out these other videos of us.
A Rock driven piece:
A Circus themed piece:
A Greek themed piece:
A modern Australian composition:
with musical saw:
De Beers diamond advert tune:
An old music hall number:
Vivaldi concerto

Karl Jenkins’ Song of the Spirit performed by The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra

Karl Jenkins’ ‘Song of the Spirit performed by The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra, based in Brighton, UK, at their Brighton Festival concert on 11th May 2010; led by Ian Harris.
Performed at St George’s Church, Kemptown, Brighton
Facebook Fretful Federation Link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid…