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Bruce Cockburn – Guitar

This morning I have listened to the CBC Live podcast with a solo concert by Bruce Cockburn. In this podcast you could hear a part of this  concert given in April 2009. The complete concert with 20 tracks was available as a concert on demand also.

Bruce Cockburn has released his 30th album Slice O Life – Solo Live this year – compiled from 10 solo shows that Bruce had played solo. He is a great songwiter and guitarist.
One of the instrumental tracks Bruce played in the CBC concert is Jerusalem Poker – here is a video of this tune from another concert in 2006:

Bruce Cockburn – Jerusalem Poker

Bruce in Guelph Oct 19, 2006 – I am adding this by popular demand! 🙂

There are many videos with Bruce Cockburn, I have selected some interesting videos and adden many more to my playlist (see below).

Some information about the guitar technique of Bruce Cockburn can be found in the following two videos:

Bruce Cockburn, guitar player

Canada’s Guitar Gurus: Bruce Cockburn’s one-minute guitar lesson

A nice Video from 1992 with three other fantastic musicians –  Jerry Douglas, Mark O’Connor and Edgar Meyer:

Bruce Cockburn – Child of the wind (live)

Now lets go back a little more. The following video was recorded in 1981:

Bruce Cockburn & Rik Emmett – Nuages

If you have some time to watch – a long Interview (ca. 45 minutes) with Bruce recorded when his last Live CD came out – with a lot of interesting stuff can be found here:

Bruce Cockburn on Q TV


Links Bruce Cockburn

Official Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/officialbrucecockburn

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Cockburn

The Cockburn Project – “The Cockburn Project is a unique website that exists to document the work of Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Bruce Cockburn” : http://cockburnproject.net/

CBC concert on demand – Bruce Cockburn concert April 21, 2009: http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/cod/concerts/20090421bruce

CBC Canada live podcast Bruce Cockburn (November 27, 2009): http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/podcasts/canadalive.html

Linda Manzer: http://www.manzer.com/guitars/

My youtube playlist Bruce Cockburn: Youtube Guitar Bruce Cockburn


Slice O Life Live Solo – BRUCE COCKBURN (amazon partnerlink)