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Railroad Song – Yasuo Kuwahara and Carlos Blanco Ruiz…

Today a new fantastic mandolin video has been uploaded to youtube by Carlos Blanco Ruiz. The video shows a performance of Railroad Song, a composition by Yasuo Kuwahara, played by the composer himself on the mandolin and Carlos Blanco Ruiz on the guitar. It was recorded in 1999.

This is the first time that I saw Kuwahara play the mandolin, and he really knows what is possible on the mandolin – a fantastic showpiece of mandolin technique.

Don’t miss this video!!

Railroad Song

Yasuo Kuwahara mandolina rail road Song * Carlos Blanco Ruiz guitarra La Orden de la Terraza Haro 25 años 1999

Playlist Railroad Sonmg by Yasuo Kuwahara

Additional information

Wikipedia about Yasuo Kuwahara (German): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasuo_Kuwahara

aa mandolin guitar

Mandolin and Organ – Benny Ludemann

I found those two pieces for mandolin and church organ recently. Both pieces are taken from a recording with religious music which was recorded in the 1980s by Benny Ludemann (mandolin) and Klaas Jan Mulder (organ).

Benny Ludemann is a mandolin and guitar player from the Netherlands. He has made many appearances in radio and TV. He is teaching mandolin and guitar and has made a big contribution to the mandolin orchestra association of the Netherlands NVvMO

The mandolin part ist played with tremolo. Please enjoy this rare combination of mandolin and organ.

I have found one other video with Benny Ludemann from a TV show, Benny Ludemann plays the guitar in a piece named 24 Roses. This is the first video in the following playlist about Benny Ludemann:

Playlist Benny Ludemann – Mandolin / Guitar

Additional information

You can find a note about Benny Ludemann in German here: http://www.mandolinen-orchester-koslar.de/Texte/jury.htm

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O.P.M. for Flute & Mandolin / Orie Sato

Some time ago I have discovered the following video of an interesting composition for flute and mandolin by composer Orie Sato.

The mandolin part is played by Anna Torge. I have met Anna Torge at the international mandolin symposium in Trossingen in 2008. Anna Torge is teaching the mandolin and is developping a way to use the Suzuki method for the mandolin.

O.P.M. für Querflöte & Mandoline / Orie Sato

O.P.M. for Flute & Mandolin composed by Orie Sato http://www.myspace.com/orie… performed by Monika Olszak http://www.monika-olszak.de/ Flute, Anna Torge, Mandolin, in Munich, Germany in 2008


Additional information

Orie Sato at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/oriesato

Anna Torge is a member of the Aramis Quartet