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The Mandolin Orchestra “Il Mare Mandolin Club” from Chiba…

The mandolin orchestra “Il Mare” from Chiba in Japan has posted about twenty videos in its youtube channel.

The orchestra weas founded in 2008, the first concert was given in 2009. The videos contain pieces from the concerts in 2009 – 2013, the sixth concert is planned for this year.

I have compiled the videos in my playlist:

Videos by the Mandolin Orchestra “Il Mare” – Chiba

The following pieces are included:

  • Rome und Julia
  • Godfather II – Immigrant
  • Perl Fisher’s Tango
  • Plein Soleil.太陽がいっぱい
  • Marine Fantasy von Hiro Fujikake
  • The Spirit of Nature by Hiro Fujikake
  • Some Enchanted Evening 魅惑の宵 (R. Rodgers)
  • New Cinema Paradiso Medley
  • Gavotte – Serenade by Amedeo Amedei – “One of the most performed pieces composed for Mandolin orchestra. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its forth regular concert held in 2012. “>One of the most performed pieces composed for Mandolin orchestra.”
  • Suite Spagnuola by Claudio Mandonico
  • Slavischer Tanz Nr. 10 von A. Dvorak
  • Stabat Mater by Hiro Fujikake
  • Fantasia Kyusyu (Hiro Fujikake)
  • Serenate Napolitane by Primo Silvestri – “A lovely Italian piece by Primo Silvestri, arranged for mandolin orchestra. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its fifth regular concert held in 2013. “>
  • Dances for the Mandolin & the Moon (Richard Charlton) – “A fascinating mandolin orchestra work, partly inspired by one of Picasso’s most beautiful cubist works, Girl with a Mandolin, composed in 2005 by Richard Charlton, who is widely recognized as one of Australia’s leading composers and guitarists. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its fifth regular concert held in 2013. “>
  • Song of the Spirit 魂の歌 (Karl Jenkins)
  • Summertime in Venice ベニスの夏の日
  • Stardust スターダスト
  •  So in Love ソー・イン・ラブ

Additional Information

Website Il Mare (japanisch)

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Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V…

Mandolin orchestras from Japan are known for playing arrangements of music from computer games. I have recently discovered this great example, a version of Battle at the Big Bridge / Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V played by the mandolin orchestra of the Yamagata Higashi High School:

Clash on the Big Mandolin Ensemble

Performed by the Yamagata Higashi High School in a music contest.

This music has been composed in 1992 for Final Fantasy V, a game for the Super Nintendo SNES. It is interesting that this  music is still popular after more than 20 years.


I have found versions of this piece for mandolin, guitar, string quartet or sinfonic orchestra and have collected the best videos in my playlist. In some of the videos you can see the animations from this computer game.

Playlist “Clash on the Big Bridge” – Final Fantasy V


Additional Information

Final Fantasy Wiki about Clash on the Big Bridge: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_at_the_Big_Bridge

“Battle at the Big Bridge” (ビッグブリッジの死闘, Biggu Burijji no Shitō?, lit. “Battle to the Death on the Big Bridge”), also known as “Clash on the Big Bridge” or “Battle with Gilgamesh” is a theme from Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu in 1992.

Many version of this piece can be found in the youtube channel of MagirusNecros: http://www.youtube.com/user/MagiusNecros/videos

Music of Final Fantasy V

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Final_Fantasy_V


The Mandoloncello – The best Videos from Japan

The mandoloncello (or mandocello) is regularly used in most of the mandolin orchestras in Japan. So I have recently collected some interesting mandoloncello videos and want to present the best videos from Japan in this post.

A side effect of the regular use of the mandoloncello in the mandolin orchestras is that there are many players who are using the mandoloncello also as a solo instrument. And there are also groups like the quartet of four mandoloncellos as you can see further below.

Atsushi Ichikawa has arranged many pieces for the mandoloncello and he has composed his own pieces too. Most of the pieces seem to be popular songs and music from computer games. Atsushi Ichikawa makes great use of special sounds and percussion effects.

Atsushi Ichikawa – Mandoloncello player

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/revirytic/videos

愛をとりもどせ!!(クリスタルキング) Mandoloncello solo

Take Back the love! (Crystal King) Mandoloncello solo

It is the theme song of the anime of old called Fist of the North Star. Always something I’m sorry only Anison (laughs)

A duo for mandola and mandoloncello can be found in the youtube channel of todorokigentaro.

Youtube Channel of todorokigentaro

Duo Mandola and Mandoloncello

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Kaori Muraji – Hundreds of Great Classical Guitar Videos

I had planned for some time to write about the Japanese guitarist Kaori Muraji.

Now I have just discovered four playlists with hundres of great videos played by Kaori Muraji and I have started listening to this fantastic guitar player from Japan.

You can find a short biography on her official website:

Kaori Muraji is considered one of the most prominent classical guitarists of today, and her challenges and activities are always regarded with keen interest by the entire classical music community.
Born in Tokyo, Japan Kaori Muraji received her first lessons on the guitar from her father Noboru Muraji at the age of three. From ten, she continued her studies with the renowned guitarist Shinichi Fukuda.

These are some of my favorite videos with Kaori Muraji up to now:

Kaori Muraji Plays Danza del Molinero by Falla.

Kaori Muraji – 村治佳織 – Medley from – New Cinema Paradise

Classical Guitar – Kaori Muraji(村治佳織) – TIENTO ANTIGUO – Rodrigo

The composition Tiento Antiguo by Joaquin Rodrigo is dedicated to the German guitarist Siegfried Behrend.


Youtube channel anselmonadir:

Playlist 1

Playlist 2

Playlist 3

Playlist 4

Additional Information

Official website Kaori Muraji:

Wikipedia about Kaori Muraji:

Kaori Muraji Brings People Back to Classical Guitar

Interview (2008; engl.):