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The Canadian Duo “Fire & Smoke” – A Great…

A great concert by the Canadian duo Fire & Smoke is available on the CBC concerts on demand site.

The duo is composed of  Claire Morrison and Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner. The speciality of this duo are the songs in two languages, English and French.

Daniel accompanies the songs with the guitar, but he uses the banjo or the mandolin too for some songs. Claire plays some great flute solos.

This is the official video of teh song “If Only” at vimeo:

“If Only” by FIRE & SMOKE


Concert Fire & Smoke at the CBC:

Claire Morrison and Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner met in 2010, around a campfire at the infamous campground of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. They quickly realized there was musical chemistry between the two of them. After that first meeting, Daniel tried to track down Claire to find out if she would be interested in working with him. Once he found her, he was relieved to hear the answer was yes, since he’d already booked their first show at a music festival!

Since then, their bilingual performances have created a buzz in both the French and English communities. Just last year, Fire & Smoke won the People’s Choice Award at Chant’Ouest, Western Canada’s well known music competition featuring Francophone artists. Not bad, for a chance campfire singalong.

This concert at the very small and intimate venue known as the Folk Exchange was full of friends and family.


Songs by Fire & Smoke at the CBC: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Fire-Smoke

Fire & Smoke at myspace: http://www.myspace.com/firesmokemusic

Fire & Smoke at bandcamp: http://fireandsmoke.bandcamp.com/

Fire and Smoke en exclusivité pour RELIEF – “Prends la maison”

Fire and Smoke, un duo franco-manitobain au style folk et romantique. En exclusivité pour Relief, ils interprètent “Prends la maison” en version acoustique.

Fire and Smoke – Interview

Interview with the two singers  (French)

aa mandolin guitar

Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or – Bluegrass, Country and…

Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or is a band from Quebec which plays a greatmix of bluegrass, country, Appalachian music and Franco-Canadian chansons. Isabeau Valois plays mandolin, banjo and guitar, the other band members play more guitars, double bass, drums and fiddle.

All songs are sung in French, including well known songs like the Folsom Prison Blues or songs by the Carter Family.

I have discovered the band on the Concert on Demand site of the CBC where you can listen to a concert with the band.

I have also found several videos at youtube. It’s fun to watch the musicians, they play great music and make a good feeling.

This is a typical bluegrass song – with an interesting video about building a house compiled from historical movies:

Isabeau et les chercheurs d’or – J’vais nous bâtir une maison – Vidéoclip officiel

Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or : Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac 2011

Une « p’tite toune » en kayak à l’Anse à la barque avec Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’or : assister à un concert confortablement installés dans… un kayak!
Au coeur du Parc national du Saguenay, Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’ or nous ont présenté un spectacle magique en pleine nature. Ça vallait bien le coup de pagayer un petit peu, non?
Isabeau Valois : voix, banjo, mandoline
François Gagnon : guitare, voix
Simon Pelletier-Gilbert : batterie, percussions, voix
Cédrik Dessureault : contrebasse
Marie-Christine Roy : violon
Martin Racine : violon

A complete concert with Isabeau et les Chercheurs d’Or is available at the CBC:

Quebec roots music has found a new vedette. Isabeau et les chercheurs d’or are the perfect companion for the honky-tonk lover sitting on the stoop at the farm.

Isabeau Valois and Francois Gagnon are the chief scribes and voices in this quintet of banjo, guitar and mandolin.


Additional Information

Playlist Isabeau el les Chercheurs d’Or:


Website: http://isabeau.disquesnomade.com/en/


The Huron Carol – An Ancient Christmas Carol from…

In my latest post I have written about the Christmas Dinner with Dala concert of the CBC. In this concert I have discovered the Huron Carol, an ancient Christmas carol that is very popular in Canada. I have found many youtube videos of this song, unfortunately the version by Dala is not available as a video. You can find the link to the Dala concert in my previous post.

In the following video the Huron Carol is sung in the native Inidan language, in French and finally in English.

The Huron Carol

The “Huron Carol” (or “‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime”) is a Christmas hymn, written in 1643 by Jean de Brébeuf, a Christian missionary at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in Canada. Brébeuf wrote the lyrics in the native language of the Huron/Wendat people; the song’s original Huron title is “Jesous Ahatonhia” (“Jesus, he is born”). The song’s melody is a traditional French folk song, “Une Jeune Pucelle” (“A Young Maid”). The well known English lyrics were written in 1926 by Jesse Edgar Middleton.

This version performed by Heather Dale, and sung in Wendat (Huron), French and English.

Huron Carol – Gitarre

My arrangement of teh Huron Carol for classical guitar:

A version played on the native American flute:

Huron Carol – Native American flute – Cornell Kinderknecht & Julie Bonk

Finaly a version that tries to get close to the original Indian version:

Iesus Ahatonyah (“The Huron Carol”) – Michael “Medicine Crow” Iott

Iesus Ahatonyah was written in 1643 by Jean de Brébeuf, a Jesuit missionary at Sainte-Marie among the Wendat (“Huron”) people of Upper Canada. It was written in the Wendat language and is also known as “The Huron Carol”. There are several (poor) English translations in circulation. I have attempted what I think is a more culturally accurate rendition into English. If I were to record this over again I would replace “angel choirs” in the first verse with “Sky People”, a more accurate rendering from Wendat. That is how I perform it now. This was originally released in 2006 as a part of the Illegible Records Christmas compilation: “An Illegible Records Christmas: Shelter In The Night”. The images are mostly by Fr. John Guilliani, S.J. and available through Bridge Building Images: http://www.bridgebuilding.com/

Sheet Music

guitar  TABs: http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/session-guitar-tab/huron_carol.htm

A simple version for guitar: http://www.guitarlincs.com/christmastunes.htm

A version for flute an piano – and many more Christmas carols: http://www.janwolters.nl/jwfree5-uk.html

A version for a choir with oragn: http://imslp.org/wiki/The_Huron_Carol_%28Oczko,_Michael_John%29

for native American flute: http://www.flutopedia.com/song_huron_carol.htm

more christmas carol for flute: http://www.flutetunes.com/categories.php?id=64

playlist of the Huron Carol with many versions: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9A1393FF9DF65592


Christmas Dinner with Dala ☃ Amanda Walther and Sheila…

Two days ago I have discovered the following concert on the CBC concert on demand site. This is a niceconcert to lead you to the coming christmas holidays:

Christmas Dinner with Dala

Darlings of the Canadian music scene, these JUNO nominees have released five albums and toured extensively across North America for the better part of a decade. They performed Christmas music plus some of their favourite original songs-in their trademark perfect harmony–at the NAC Studio in Ottawa. The audience really felt like they were hanging out in Dala’s dining room, laughing constantly at their between-song banter.

(This concert is no longer available)

One of the pieces I have discovered in this concert is the old Canadian christmas tune Huron Carol (see my next post in this blog).

The name Dala has been constructed form the names of the two members of Dala – Da: Amanda Walther and La: Sheila Carabine.

On the Dala homepage you can read the following:

Juno nominees and winners of the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year, Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine of Dala write and sing in harmony best described as angelic.  These two best friends met in their high school music class in 2002; they have since released five albums and toured extensively across North America. Darlings of the Canadian music scene, Dala are now poised to bring their fresh brand of acoustic pop music to the world.

This is an interview with Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther about their great harmony singing, hocke, the left handed ukulele and more. Especially you can experience the their great sens of humor, their loughing and smiling:

DALA on harmony and hockey

The Canadian duo DALA–Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther–got two standing ovations at the Sanctuary series in Chatham, NJ. Their songs have wit and depth, they harmonize like sisters and, being from Canada, they’re just so…nice. In this interview after the show, they reflect on harmony– musical and otherwise–and talk about Sheila’s strange ukulele and the Stanley Cup finals. Video by Kevin Coughlin for MorristownGreen.com, May 21, 2011.

Moon River

Dala July, 9, 2011

Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine play guitars, ukulele, piano and also glockenspiel in some songs.

Additional Information

Homepage Dala: http://dalagirls.com/

rootsmusic.ca Woodshed Sessions with Dala and many other interesting groups from Canada: http://www.rootsmusic.ca/woodshed/