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aa mandolin guitar

My tumblr Archive for September 2012 – Mandolins, Mandolin…

Tumblr is a great way to collect and present pictures and links to interesting videos and other sites. Here is my tumblr archive for September 2012 – click to pictures to open the complete post in a seperate window:

My tumblr site – just scroll down to view:

One topic for me was to extract pictures of mandolin clubs from the yearbooks of the Colorado College in Colorado Springs – I have found many interesting pictures and some programs that have been played by the mandolin clubs.

I have also started to post some pictures from ensembles with mandolin from the Iowa Digital Library Traveling Culture – Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century:


Download my sheet music at MusicaNeo

aa mandolin guitar

A Concert of the Kisarazu High School Mandolin Club…

The Kisarazu High School Mandolin Club has given the 43rd regular concert in April 2012 in Kimitsu.

I have found several youtube videos of this concert.

One of my favorites is the following – Dance Suite Nr. 2

Another interesting videos shows each instrumental goup of the orchestra with a piece by this instrumental group alone to demonstrate the instruments of the mandolin orchestra:

mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, double basses, guitars:

I have collected all videos in the following playlist:

Additional Information

Wikipedia about Kimitsu:,_Chiba

Wikipedia about Kisarazu:,_Chiba


aa mandolin guitar

New Galleries with Pictures of Mandolins and other Musical…

Picture Galleries

I have compiled several picture galleries with pictures of my postcard collection and pictures and cliparts from the public domain.

The following galleries open in a new window:

Postcards (mostly mandolin related)


Pictures of musical instruments from a catalogue of Murray & Heiss


Pictures from the book Musical Instruments by Robert Bruce Armstrong 


You can also visit my tumble blog where I post videos and pictures about mandolins, bluegrass and other topics:

aa mandolin guitar

Simone Salvetti * Compositions for Mandolin & Guitar and…

Simone Salvetti (1870 – 1932) was an Italian composer, conductor and musician. He has composed more than 100 pieces for mandolin and guitar, two mandolins and guitar, mandolin quartet or mandolin orchestra.

In 2010 Ugo Orlando and Claudio Mandonico have organized the recording of a double-CD with works by Simone Salvetti.

The booklet of this CD in Italian and English language is available as download from the following site.

Some compositions by Salvetti were played during the 9th Mandolin Festival in Korea, and some of the performances are available as youtube videos.

I have found the following compositions by Simone Salvetti at youtube (se my youtube playlist below):

  • Sprizzi e Spruzzi
  • Invocazione
  • Nuvole Grigie
  • Sul Lago Sebino
  • Vorrei Dirti
  • Le Piroette di Lulu
  • Pizzicoti al Buio
  • Sulle Onde del Sebino
  • Alla Fonte Igea
  • Poesia Alpestre
  • Tramonto Sul Monte Tonale
  • Ricordi di Breno

If you like traditional Italian mandolin music you should listen to the compositions by Simone Salvetti.

This is a performance of three pieces for mandolin and guitar by Ugo Orlandi (mandolin) and Luisella Conter (guitar):

9th korea mandolin festival S.Salvetti Le piroette di lulù e Nuvole grige e Vorrei dirti

Salvetti’s composition Sul Lago Sebino is played by the Intermezzo Quartet from Italy:

Sul Lago Sebino

1° Mandolino: M° Giorgio Pertusi
2° Mandolino: M° Paola Esposito
Mandola: M* Antonio Fiori
Chitarra: Omar Fassa

I have also found this historical recording of the Spanish Rhapsody by Simone Salvetti:

PUBLIC DOMAIN – Spanish Rhapsody – Athenian Mandolin Quartet

Victor 10 inch record #17990-A, “Spanish Rhapsody”, played by the Athenian Mandolin Quartet (recorded February 25, 1916).

Playlist Simone Salvetti

Additional Information

Link collection Simone Salvetti:

Midi version of Invocazione:

Midi version of Poesia Alpestre: