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Giacomo Sartori – Armonie Alpine – Omaggio a Trento…

Giacomo Sartori is one of the important Italian composers of mandolin orchestra music. The works by Sartori have become public domain in 2017 – 70 years after his death in 1946.

Some works by Sartori have belonged to the repertoir of almost every mandolin orchestra, especially the waltz Tramonto and the Potpourri Popolare are great works in the typical Italian style of mandolin music of the early 20th century.

A biography of Giacomo Sartori can be found on the website of the mandolin orchestra Euterpe.

I have started to make scans of the works by G. Sartori that I own, at the moment the following two compositions are available in the Petrucci Library. I have found videos with performances of the two pieces:

Omaggio a trento

Actuación de la Orquesta de Plectro “Torre del Alfiler” en el XII Festival Internacional de Plectro Ciudad de Valladolid.
Omaggio a Trento, de Mario Giacomo Sartori.

Armonie Alpine

The mandolin orchestra Aurora from Vacallo in Switzerland was founded in 1926 by master Vittorio Pozzi. The video was recorded in 1981.

TRIBUTO a Vittorio Pozzi & ensamble AURORA di Vacallo.(CH)
Video del concerto eseguito nella chiesa di Santa Croce a Vacallo 1981: diretto dal maestro VITTORIO POZZI . Il circolo mandolinistico è un complesso del basso TICINO ha origini lontanissime, costituito nel 1926, quando alcuni giovani appassionati di mandolino e chitarra furono riuniti ed istruiti dal maestro VITTORIO POZZI denominata ORCHESTRA AURORA. Il Video è un raro documento che ben poche orchestre lo possono vantare per la data 1981 registrato su apparecchiature browcast.

Free sheet music available in the Petrucci Library (IMSLP)

(the scores are also available from my website – see below)

I will add more scans of works by Giacomo Sartori during the next months. If you can contribute scores to be scanned please contact me!

Additional information

with additional information about Giacomo Sartori, the competition and pictures. The 6th International Competition Giacomo Sartori for mandolin orchestras, mandolin quartets and mandolin & guitar duets will take place April 21 – 23 2017 in Ala in Italy.

favorite tunes

Ernesto Becucci – The famous waltz “Tesoro Mio” and…

Ernesto Becucci (1845 – 1905) was a popular and succesful Italian composer during the second half of the 19th century. Especially his composition “Tesoro Mio” has been successful all over the world.

His compositions have also been arranged for mandolin and mandolin orchestra. In the monthly reports about published music (Hofmeisters Monatsberichte) from 1906 I have found a note about the composition “Erhaschte Küsse Op. 294” in a version for mandolin solo or with piano or guitar accompaniment:


The composition “Che Ridere!” played by the mandolin ensemble “Mutinae Plectri” can be seen in the following video:

I have also found a historical recording with Troise and his Mandoliers (Selecta Plectrum Orchestra), a recording of  “Che ridere” by the Ensemble Ansamblul “ANIMO” from Moldavia and another version of “Tesoro Mio” with mandolins, mandocello and guitar (sheet music for this arrangement can be found in the Mandolin Cafe forum – see below).

There are many other versions with piano, accordion, carouselorgan or with bigger orchestras.

I have compiled compositions by Ernesto Becucci in the following playlist – enjoy the music by Ernesto Becucci!

Playlist Ernesto Becucci

Additional Information and Sheet Music

This is a well-known Italian waltz, originally written in 1895 for piano and adapted to many other settings over the following century. The original piano score is at IMSLP and there are many recordings, old and new, on Youtube. Pasquale Troise recorded it at one of his very first Decca sessions around 1929/30 (Link) with his Selecta Plectrum Mandoline Orchestra, shortly to be renamed “Troise & His Mandoliers”.

Becucci was a popular composer of the day and this is his best-known tune. He was a contemporary of Carlo Munier in Florence, and Munier dedicated his Duettino I to Becucci.

My recording is based on an arrangement for two mandolins and guitar published around 1910/20 by A. Paolilli’s Music Co., Providence R.I., and uploaded by Sheri in her Dropbox thread. I have recorded the original mandolin parts on vintage Italian bowlback mandolins, and have added a mandocello bass line to the guitar rhythm.

You can also find a number of free sheet music downloads for piano in the French National Library bnf:

Another compostion can be found on the site of James Garber:

Sheet music by Becucci from the Nakano library

digital libraries

Mandolin Methods, a Mandolin Album and free Sheet Music…

In the digital archive of the Royal Library in Copenhagen you can find some free sheet music for the mandolin.

I have found several mandolin methods and a volume “Mandolin players entertainment album” with more than 200 pages with music for mandoline solo, studies for mandolin and pieces for mandolin and guitar.

The mandolin methods are intended for beginners. They contain some folk tunes and folk daces from Scandinavia and some tunes that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is the list of sheet music for mandolin available form the Royal Library in Copenhagen at the moment:

  • Bröndberg, Olaf A. Mandolin Skole [2014]
  • Friis, Anda Ørngreen Mandolin Skole egnet for Selvstudium [2014]
  • Petersen, Albert Mandolinspillerens Underholdningsbog. 200 udvalgte Melodier, Variationer, Operaer, Danse, Øvelser for Mandolin solo og Mandolin med Guitar-Akkompagnement forsynede med Fingersætning og Penneføring / af Albert Petersen [2014]
  • Petersen, Albert Dania. Album for Mandolin og Guitar [2014]
  • Etlinger, Aug De tusind Hjem’s Musik-Skole. Udgave for Guitar. Ny skandinavisk Metode, uden Lærer selv at spille: Guitar! Mandolin! [2014]
  • Etlinger, Aug De tusind Hjems Musik-Skole : Udgave for Mandolin [2014]
  • Becker, Georg Berceuse for Violin eller Mandolin med Piano [2013]
  • Becker, Georg Adagio für Mandola oder Mandoline med Klavier [2007]
  • Becker, Georg Minuetto für Mandoline und Klavier-Begleitung [2007]
  • Henriques, Fini Valse-Serenade og Valse-grazioso for Mandolin og Guitar, Op. 36. [2011]
  • 12 spanske Danse og Melodier, arrangerede for Mandolin og Guitar (med 2den Mandolin ad libitum) af A. Eggers : Bind I-III [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Cordobesa… : (habanera pour mandoline et guitare avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Sensitiva : 4. habanera… (pour mandoline et guitare avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Zaragoza : pas redoublé…(pour mandoline et piano avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Kjerulf, Charles Sangen om Vesuv af “Santa Lucia” arr. for Mandolin og Guitar af Frederik Birket-Smith. [2007]
  • Degen, Søffren Trois Pièces pour Mandoline, Violon ou Flûte et Guitarre. op 15 [2007]
  • Lille Mandolinskole : Vejledning i Mandolinspil [2014]
  • Nordly, Im Mandolinskole til Undervisning og til Selvstudie [2014]
  • Rung, Henrik Duetti pel Mandolino e la Chitarra / composti da Enrico Rung e Federigo Rung [2011]
  • Rung, Henrik 3 Duetti per Mandolino e la Chitarra composti da Enrico Rung [2007]
  • Matthison-Hansen, Wilhelm Chanson arabe pour 4 Mandolines, Mandola et Guitares 1 & 2. L’Arrangement par Wilh. Matthison-Hansen : Partition et Parties [2013]
  • Matthison-Hansen, Wilhelm Chant national Béarnais pour 4 Mandolines, Mandola et Guitare / L’Arrangement par Wilh. Matthison-Hansen : Partition et Parties [2013]
  • Cannas, C. …Séguidille… : [pour] 2 mandolines et guitare [2007]

I have compiled some pictures of the covers and illustrations, and also some examples of the music:

Pictures from the Mandolin Methods in the Royal Library in Copenhagen

Additional Informationen

To find all the pieces you need to use severeal search terms – I have not found an easy method to find everything with one single search:

Search for “mandolin” in the Royal Library

Search for “mandolinskole”

Search for “mandoline”

Search for “mandolines”

In the Royal Library you can also find free sheet music for guitar, violin and other instruments – I am sure that you can discover more interesting items!

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Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900 –…

I have recently bought a box of vintage sheet music from the UK – including 55 pieces for mandolin with piano, second mandolin, guitar, banjo. I am planning to make scans of this available in the future – but I think it might be interesting to see the covers of this collection to get an impression about the status of the mandolin around 1900.

Some of the pieces have a copyright date of 1897, and I think most of the pieces have been published before 1900.

I have made pictures of the covers or of the first page of the sheet music.

Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900

Read more “Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900 – A Bunch of Old Sheet Music”