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Langendorfer Mandolinenorchester – Great Videos from a Concert in…

By twitter I have heard about this two videos that were made from a concert of the Langendorfer Zupforchester, the mandolin orchestra from Langendorf in Germany – given in Japan some days ago.

On the homepage of the Langendorfer Mandolineorchesters you can find some information about the friendship between this German mandolin orchestra and Japan. In 1980 the orchestra made a three weeks journey to India and Japan where the orchestra took part in the High-School-Guitar-Mandolin-Festival in Osaka. The orchestra traveled to Sweden, the USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and India in the following years as well. After the first trip to Japan an active exchange between Germany and Japan began. The orchestra gets regular visits from the Tezukayama-Mandolin Orchestra with his conductor Kozo Kanaji.

Original text in German from the homepage of the Langendorfer Zupforchester:

Im Jahre 1980 unternahmen wir eine mehr als dreiwöchige Flugreise nach Indien, wo wir Konzerte in Neu-Delhi und Bombay gaben, und Japan, wo das Orchester an dem High-School-Guitarr-Mandolin-Festival in Osaka teilnahm.

Es folgten weitere Reisen nach Schweden, Amerika, Polen, Holland, Italien und Südafrika. Aus der ersten Reise nach Japan entstand ein Austausch. Im regelmäßigen Abstand wird Langendorf von dem japanischen Tezukayama-Mandolinenorchester mit seinem Dirigenten Kozo Kanaji besucht.

Für uns waren die bisherigen Besuche einschließlich der Gegenbesuche immer eine Bereicherung in mehrfacher Hinsicht. Zum einen haben wir von den Japanerinnen viel gelernt in puncto Spielkultur. Zum anderen haben wir durch die Begegnung mit diesem Orchester neue Literatur kennen gelernt, die auch in unser Repertoire eingeflossen ist. Zum Dritten haben wir Einblicke in eine andere, fremde Kultur bekommen und dabei unsere eigene Kultur besser begriffen.

フラメンコ風ルンバ Langendorrfer Mandolinenorchester 5

Dieter Kreidler – Rumba Flamenca

Conductor: Anja Renz, concert  on  July, 24th,  2010, Social Welfare Center in Kagawa

クラリネット協奏曲 (Allegro) Langendorfer Mandolinenorchester 1

I. Pleyel, Clarinet Concerto (Allegro)

concert  on  July, 24th,  2010, Social Welfare Center in Kagawa; conductor: Eberhard Malitius

At the moment there are three more videos from this concert with the other two movements of the clarinet concerto by I. Pleyel and a piece by Valdo Preema – Sincerely – go to the youtube channel of MANNO7000 to watch those videos:


Links about the Langendorfer Mandolinenorchester

Homepage: http://www.mandolinenorchester.eu/

Youtube channel MANNO7000 with more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/MANNO7000

Wikipedia (German) about Langendorf: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langendorf_%28Elbe%29


Jongara – Hiro Fujikake / Yasuo Kuwahara

Some days ago I have found (by a tweet from twitter) the following video of a Japanese mandolin orchestra:


(translation of the information from the video): guitars mandolin club. Omura, held at City Hall in May, has played up the 54th Music Festival Union High School in Nagasaki Prefecture. Was cut in half the time because it was 10 minutes. The latter half believes that in some circumstances.

In the meantime this video is no longer available.

With the help of google translation I found that this piece is titled Jongara, and so I have found another (and this time complete) version of Jongara, this time conducted by the composer Hiro Fujikake and played by the Japan Mandolin Union Orchestra and Hiro Fujikakes solo-orchestra (Hiro Fujikake plays several synthesizers):

JONGARA for Mandolin Orchestra : Hiro Fujikake

Concert live at Tokyo.
Hiro Fujikake composed and conducted Japan Mandolin Union Orchestra with Solo Orchestra.

I have found another version:

じょんがら抄 JONGARA-Syo

LEVANTE Mandolin Orchestra 6th Concert in Morioka, JAPAN. 20th March 2011

Here is another version of Jongara by the Orkestra Mandolina Ljubljana.

JONGARA – Hiro Fujikake – Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana – dirigent Andrej Zupan

Yasuo Kuwahara

There is another piece with the same titel Jongara for Solo-Mandolin, composed by Yasuo Kuwahara. Travis Finch – a student of Alison Stephens at the Trinity College of Music has recently played this piece during his final recital.

Yasuo Kuwahara-Jongara

Sahir Guerrero – Jongara Yasuo Kuwahara
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Zupfboogie / Rumba / Palladio and more * Mandolin…

The mandolin orchestra Da Capo Alba from Scotland has uploaded some videos of their latest concerts to youtube. They have played some interesting pieces, including two pieces by Dieter Kreidler and Palladio by Karl Jenkins. The mandolin orchestra Da Capo Alba is the orchestra of the LGMA and currently the largest orchestra for plucked instruments in Scotland.

Da Capo Alba is the orchestral section of the LGMA, and is currently Scotland’s largest guitar and mandolin orchestra. It comprises around 30 members who play mandolin, mandola (octave mandolin), guitar, bass or percussion instruments.

A smaller group of Da Capo Alba has recently taken part in the eurofestival zupfmusik 2010 in Bruchsal. Barbara Pommerenke Steel who conducts Palladio is president of the EGMA, the European Mandolin- and Guitar Association.

Zupfboogie (Dieter Kreidler) performed by Da Capo Alba

Da Capo Alba performs “Dieter Kreidler – Zupfboogie” on 19 June 2010 at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow. For more info go to www.mandolinscotland.org

Rumba (Dieter Kreidler) performed by Da Capo Alba

Da Capo Alba performs “Rumba by Deiter Kriedler” on 12June 2010 at East Kilbride Arts Centre. For more info go to www.mandolinscotland.org

Palladio (Karl Jenkins) – Da Capo Alba

Da Capo Alba performs “Karl Jenkins – Palladio” on 19 June 2010 at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Glasgow. For more info go to www.mandolinscotland.org – Conductor: Barbara Pommerenke Steel

In the other videos you can hear the Celebre Serenata by Riccardo Driggo and the famous ragtime The Entertainer by Scott Joplin: http://www.youtube.com/user/mandolinscotland


Youtube channel of Da Capo Alba: http://www.youtube.com/user/mandolinscotland

Homepage: www.mandolinscotland.org

Homepage of the EGMA: http://www.egma-online.org/

more blogs about mandolin orchestras: http://www.mandoisland.com/?tag=mandolin-orchestra

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The Pastoral Fantasy (1975) for Mandolin Orchestra by Hiro…

Hiro Fujikake or Fujikake Hiroyuki – which is the proper name in Japan – is one of the most important composers of Japan.

He has won several prices, the following is an excerpt from the Hiro Fujikake Fan page The Fantastic World of Hiro Fujikake:

Since his university days he has won lots of prizes for his composition work. Of all the prizes he received, the biggest is the Grand Prix of the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium awarded for his symphonic work “The Rope Crest” in 1977.

Some of the others are: the Ongakunotomo Composition Prize for “Two Poems for Chorus” in 1970, the second prize of the NHK Mainichi Music Competition for “Threnody” in 1974, the All Japan Band Association’s Test Piece Composition Prize for “Concertino Overture” in 1975, the Japan Mandolin Union Composition Prize for “Pastoral Fantasy” in 1975, the first prizes of the Sasagawa competition successively for “Nostalgic Rhapsody” in 1975 and for “Chaconne” in 1976, the Japan Symphony Foundation’s Composition Prize for “The Song of Spring” in 1990.

“Pastoral Fantasy” is very popular in Japan and is played by many mandolin orchestras. I have compiled my favorite videos in this post.

At the beginning of the next video you can see Hiro Fujikake during the rehearsal giving advices and information to the players:

Pastoral Fantasy 1-First half【前半】

Hiro Fujikake compose and conduct
Yonago Mandolin Orchestra

Pastoral Fantasy 2nd half【後半】

My second example is the GEN mandolin orchestra with a video from the year 2010.

GEN – Mandolinenorchester

パストラル ファンタジー 1

パストラル ファンタジー2

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