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Love Song (C. Munier) LIVE – Kozo Onishi –…

Kozo Onishi has published a video with a recording of the Love Song by Carlo Munier. This is a typical piece of the romantic mandolin repertoir of the late 19th century, and together with the Capriccio Spagnuolo one of the best pieces by C. Munier for the mandolin.

The Love Song contains many special romantic picking techniques like tremolo over all four strings with full chords and the duo style technique, with tremolo and a staccata at the same time.

This interesting recording was made from a concert in 2008

youtube channel of Kozo Onishi: http://www.youtube.com/user/Onishikozo


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Japanese mandolin orchestra “meets” and choir “VoxMEA” – Sakura…

The Japanese mandolin orchestra meets has recently played a concert together with the mixed choir VoxMEA. The videos of this concert are now available at youtube.

The program was composed of four pieces for mandolin orchestra, a set of international folk songs for mandolin orchestra and choir and pieces for the choir. The folksongs included O Sole Mio, the famous Italian song as well as Sakura, the well known Japanese folk song.

The pieces for choir and orchestra were obviously new arrangements for this concert and sound very interesting.

The orchestra played very precise – as most of the Japanese mandolin orchestras do.

A very interesting concert, especially because this combination of mandolin orchestra and choir is not heard very often.

I have used google to translate the titels of the pieces from a list that can be found on the homepage of the meets orchestra:

1 – Preludio Sinfonico / U. Bottakiari

2 – Grand Chaconne / Huzikake Hiroyuki

3 – Londonderry Air/ Irish folk song  / arranged by  Kunisaku SAKAI

4 – Camptown Races / American folk song / arranged by  Kunisaku SAKAI

5 – Troika / Russian folk songs  / arranged by  Kunisaku SAKAI

6 – O sole mio / Italy (Neapel), folk song / arranged by  Kunisaku SAKAI

7 – Sakura Sakura / Japanese folk song / arranged by  Kunisaku SAKAI

8 – Starting from today – day you were born / or water pearl Shirasa Lyrics / Natsumi WATANABE

9 – Starting from today – Intermezzo / Natsumi WATANABE

Homepage of meets: http://www.bass-world.net/meets

Playlist with the complete concert, including the choir pieces at the end of the playlist:


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