Florentino Calvo – An Important Mandolinist from France

Florentino Calvo is one of the leading mandolinists from France. He has studied mandolin and guitar at the concervatory of music and dance in Argenteuil with Mario Monti and in the masterclass of Alberto Ponce.

Florentino Calvo is especially interested in contemporary music. Together with the trio Polycordes (mandolin, harp and guitar) he has premiered and recorded many contemporary compositions.

But Florentino Calvo has also recorded several albums with the most important works for the mandoline of the 17th century and the Romantic age for mandolin solo or mandolin with piano, harpsichord or guitar.

Florentino Calvo is also the conductor of several orchestras like the Ensemble MG21.

I have found several live videos with Florentino Calvo and playlists of some of the albums.

Playlist Florentino Calvo

Beethoven Sonatine, recordings with the Trio Polycordes, Florentino Calvo as conductor

Complete albums at youtube

Gabriele Leone: Six sonates pour la mandoline et basse, Livre I (2015)

Ensemble Spirituoso

From Prag to Vienna

Florentino Calvo, Mandoline and Aline Zylberajch, Piano

Florentino Calvo – Mandoline

Works for mandolin solo by Bach, Beer-Demander, Calace, Campo, Laurent and Leone

Duo Spirituoso – La Mandoline Baroque (2012)

Florentino Calvo, Mandoline and Maria Lucia Barros, harpsichord

More information about this album at Arion Music

Recital de Mandoline (2002)

Works for mandolin solo by Calace, Konietzny, Nakano, Riggieri, Mandonico, Gladd and Fantauzzi

Portraits en forme de miroir: Mandoline (2006)

Works for mandolin solo by Calace, Gal, Konietzny, Lacamp, Marucelli and Munier

Additional Information

Website Trio Polycordes

Biography Florentino Calvo (Trio Polycordes)

Website Ensemble MG21

Bio Florentino Calvo (engl.) – Highresaudio

Florentino CALVO
studied music at the National Music and Ballet School of Argenteuil, a very renowned place of mandolin teaching in France. He was awarded a first prize in the mandolin class of his teacher Mario Monti. In the same school, he studied the guitar in master Alberto Ponce’s class as well as analysis and harmony in Gérard Gastanié’s class.

He gives regular performances with the “Orchestre du Théâtre National de l’Opéra de Paris” and with other prestigious orchestras such as the “Ensemble Inter-Contemporain”, the “Orchestre National de France”, the “Orchestre de Paris”, the “Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio-France”. He has also appeared with other groups or ensembles such as “Ars Nova”, “l’Itinéraire”, “Diabolicus”, Collegium Novum. Co-founder member of the “TrioPolycordes” with the harpist Isabelle Daups and the guitarist Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther, he has been devoting himself to the contemporary repertoire – he has been offered works by Klaus Huber, Alexandros Markéas, Alain Louvier, Philippe Schoeller, Régis Campo, Ivan Bellocq, François Rossé, Zad Moultaka, Stéphane Leach, Gilles Carré, Luis Naòn…

His interest in plucked stringed instruments and his encounters with different musicians or composers led him to play other instruments such as the mandola, the mandolocello, the bouzouki and the oud. Since 1991, he has been directing the plectrum orchestra of the “Estudiantina d’Argenteuil”. Since 1995, beside Master Alberto Ponce, he has been supervising an international training course of mandolin within the Krüger foundation (Mas de la Coume) at Mosset near Prades.

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