Benzinho – A Great Choro by Jacob do Bandolim – Songbook Choro 15

Benzinho is Chor No. 15 in the Songbook Choro which contains 97 typical Choros from Brazil. This is one of the often played and well known Choros by Jacob do Bandolim.

Here are some videos of Benzinho. First I have a typical Brazilian version from a pub with a lot of noise – but thats how it sounds in Brazil:


Then a version with two guitars, a more jazzy version:

Michele Ramo & Howard Alden “Benzinho”

Finally a version by a group named Choro Bandido, with the solo played on a violin – not very typical for Brazilian choro – but very interesting:

Choro Bandido – Benzinho

You can find a lot of other versions of Benzinho at youtube – which is your favorite version?

Playlist Songbook Chor 15 – Benzinho

Additional Information

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