Music for Play – Claudio Mandonico – Compositions for Mandolin Orchestra

Claudio Mandonico is a composer from Italy. He has composed some of the most played modern pieces for mandolin orchestra. Especially his suite “Music for Play” is a great work that’s fun to play and also great to listen to. The “Suite Spagnola” includes typical Spanish music like the Habanera and the Pelota. The Jazz Rock Pop Suite includes three movements, especially the final Stomp is a great piece for encores.

If you are looking for interesting, modern pieces for your mandolin orchestra you should check the works by Claudio Mandonico.

I have compiled a playlist with all the videos of compositions by Mandonico for mandolin orchestra. And I have compiled playlists for each of the compositions to make it easier to listen to the music (I am trying to mve the best versions to the beginning of the playlist).

You can find videos of the following compositions:

  • Music for Play
  • Preludio e fuga
  • Improvviso
  • Jazz Pop Rock Suite
  • Ceciliana, variazioni su un tema di M. Roach
  • 5 Variazioni Sul tiperatatupeti
  • Suite Spagnola
  • Raveliana
  • Riflessi sull’acqua (Reflections on the water)
  • Calace Rag
  • Esortazione e danza
  • Invenzione a due (mandolin & mandola)

Playlist – Music for Play

Playlist – Suite Spagnuola

Playlist – Jazz Pop Rock Suite

More Playlists:

Claudio Mandonico: Preludio e fuga

Claudio Mandonico: Improvviso

Claudio Mandonico: Ceciliana

Claudio Mandonico: 5 Variazioni Sul tiperatatupeti

Claudio Mandonico: Raveliana

Claudio Mandonico: Riflessi sull’acqua

Claudio Mandonico: Calace Rag

Claudio Mandonico: Epitafio di Sicilo

Claudio Mandonico: Invenzione a due

Claudio Mandonico: Esortazione e danza

Playlist Claudio Mandonico – all videos

Additional Information

Wikipedia (NL) about Claudio Mandonico

Most of the works by Claudio Mandonico have been published by Trekel:

Compositions by Mandonico available by Trekel Publishing Company, Hamburg

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