Al di Meola – All Your Life – A Tribute To The Beatles

Al di Meola has published his CD All Your Life – A Tribute To The Beatles in 2013. On this CD he has recordid 14 songs by the Beatles in his arrangement. The recordings were done in the Abbey Roads Studios in London.

Al di Meola has also played his arrangements of Beatles songs in many of his concerts, and there are many great videos available at youtube.

I have recently compiled a playlist with videos from the album A Tribute To The Beatles. The playlist starts with a fantastic set of videos from a concert given in Warsaw.

Enjoy Al di Meola and the songs by the Beatles.

Additional Information

Al Di Meola’s All Your Life – a profound and respectful tribute to the most famous band in the world

Al Di Meola in Lörrach: „Ich liebe die Beatles, wie sie sind“ (veröffentlicht am Fr, 31. Oktober 2014 auf (German)

Besprechung des Albums im Spiegel (German)

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