The Mandoloncello – The best Videos from Japan

The mandoloncello (or mandocello) is regularly used in most of the mandolin orchestras in Japan. So I have recently collected some interesting mandoloncello videos and want to present the best videos from Japan in this post.

A side effect of the regular use of the mandoloncello in the mandolin orchestras is that there are many players who are using the mandoloncello also as a solo instrument. And there are also groups like the quartet of four mandoloncellos as you can see further below.

Atsushi Ichikawa has arranged many pieces for the mandoloncello and he has composed his own pieces too. Most of the pieces seem to be popular songs and music from computer games. Atsushi Ichikawa makes great use of special sounds and percussion effects.

Atsushi Ichikawa – Mandoloncello player

youtube channel:

愛をとりもどせ!!(クリスタルキング) Mandoloncello solo

Take Back the love! (Crystal King) Mandoloncello solo

It is the theme song of the anime of old called Fist of the North Star. Always something I’m sorry only Anison (laughs)

A duo for mandola and mandoloncello can be found in the youtube channel of todorokigentaro.

Youtube Channel of todorokigentaro

Duo Mandola and Mandoloncello

The next user has only published just one video, an interesting fantasie about the famous song “Sakura”:

幻想曲≪桜≫_Mandocello solo – Sakura Fantasie

A quartet composed of four mandoloncellos can be seen in the following video. The quartet plays four pieces.


Mandocello quartett

  • Path of the wind
  • Smooth criminal
  • I need to be in love
  • 20th century boy (12:23 – my favorite piece – do not miss this!)

To end this post I have added the playlist of youtube user bratrecord with more than 20 mandocello / mandoloncello videos. It starts with some videos of the American mandocello, but later it contains many of the interesting Japanes mandoloncello videos.

Playlist “Mandoloncello” by bratrecord

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