A Romantic Mandolin Concert in Taiwan with Yahui Chen and the Taipe Mandolin Ensemble

Mandolin players from Taiwan with Yahui Chen (Mandoline) have given a Romantic Mandolin Concert in the library of the Hsing Tien Temple in Taipe on Feb. 25th.

The videos of this concert are available at youtube.

I have made the following playlist with the complete concert:

Playlist Taipe Mandolin Ensemble Feb. 12, 2012


1. Andante et Polonaise – E. Mezzacapo (mand. + guit.)

2. Rondo – R. Calace (mand. + guit.)

3. Kaze (mand. + guit.)

4. Kaze II (mand. + guit.)

5. Japanische Volkslieder (2 mandolins)

6. Carnevale di Venezia – C. Munier (this and the following pieces played by mandolin ensemble)

7. Valzer Fantastico – E. Marucelli

8. In the Light

9. Mandolin Club Night

10. Grandfather’s Clock

11. ???

13. Zu Tian Lullaby

15. Marche des Mandolinistes – Mezzacapo

16. Napoli

(the pieces 12 and 14 are missing)

Additional Information

Taipe Mandolin Ensemble at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taipei-Mandolin-Ensemble/133485357289

About the temple:

The Hsing Tian Kong dedicated to Lord Guan (Guansheng Dijun [關聖帝君], Guan Gong) is a famous temple located in Taipei.

Hsing Tian Kong

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