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The Pittsburgh Mandolin Society provides a set of free sheet music for folk dances from former Yugoslavia. It is possible to play those pieces with one or two mandolins and guitar accompaniment.

Yugoslav Songs and Dances:

One of the dances is  Seljancica Kolo, a well known dance from Croatia, which can be found several times at youtube.

Let’s start with a danced version of this Seljancica Kolo:

Seljancica kolo (Kolo) voormalig-Joegoslavie

Second I have found a version played by the Tam Trio of Hialeah which uses Croatian instruments like brac, bugarija, guitar and double bass.

Tam Trio of Hialeah, FL…”SELJANCICA KOLO”

In the USA the tamburitza instruments from Croatia are played until today by immigrants from Croatia and Yugoslavia. In this video the melody is played by the brac, a guitar shaped instruments tha sounds like a mandoln or mandola.

You can find a description of the Croatian instruments in the Atlas of Plucked Instruments:

bisernica On the Balkan (in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia) so called tamburitza orchestre are very popular. Even emigrants in USA (or Austria) from that area still play this type of music. Basically the tamburitza is an all stringed band. The different instruments are from the smallest to the biggest : bisernica, brac, bugarija, celo and berde. Bodyshape can be roundish (mainly only for the smallest instruments) or guitar-like for the bigger ones. Shapes and decoration can be quite different between different makers. The orchestras can be small (one of each instrument), or with several of each (in different sizes).

Pittsburg Mandolin Society

The Pittsburgh Mandolin Society was the largest mandolin orchestra in the USA in 2009. On the homepage of the Pittsburgh Mandolin Society you can find a lot of information about the history of the mandolin in the USA. You can also find the information that Valentine Abt, a famous mandolinist and composer was native from Pittsburgh, he founded the first classical mandolin quartet in the USA – with two mandolins, tenor mandolin and mandocello.

Additional Information

Old Homepage of the Pittsburg Mandolin Society – no more available:

The free downloads of sheet music are not available any more!

New website:

youtube channel of the Tam Trio of Hialeah:

another post about the tamburitza in my blog: Tamburitza Orchestra Dobrec – Slovenia

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