Dan James – On Tour with his Mandocello

Dan James is a singer who uses his mandocello or cittern to accompany his songs. He also uses a 7-string guitar.

This is an introduction about Dan James taken from http://www.bbc.co.uk/herefordandworcester/content/articles/2008/06/24/dan_james_group.shtml

Dan James has been a full time professional musician since 1997. When he’s not writing music or gigging he does this and that (mostly that!).

Dan writes stories about people and their visceral struggle for existence – the hardships of fishermen, farmers and miners and the injustices of their lives.

He derives much inspiration from the landscape – he loves the bleak post industrial landscape of Blaenavon and being high up in the mountains, as it’s a great place to think and be creative.

There’s also the great widescreen skies of Lincolnshire and the bleak fenland, mudflats and misty shorelines, not to mention the old parts of Worcester city centre and Rainbow Hill.

He’s been a wide range of bands, mostly very obscure, encompassing psychadelic, jazz punk, green agit pop, blues, modern jazz (be-bop), Hot Club jazz, folk rock and folk.

Here are two videos with Dan James – you can find many more videos in his youtube channel:

Dan James and Eric Porter – Got my Mojo Working

Filmed for BRFM at the Retreat in Ledbury, edited by Rob of the Fylthe – Mandocello and guitar

Dan James and Clare Lindley – John Henry

Filmed, mixed and edited by Rob/Fylthe at the Pig Inn, Gloucester 16/05/2010 Dan James of Be bop dA Jig & Firebrand on mandocello & Clare Lindley of Stackridge on fiddle “John Henry” Folk Fiddle Blues, playing at the excellent real ale & cider pub in westgate street gloucester!

Youtube channel of Dan James: http://www.youtube.com/user/bebopdajig

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Mandocello

Be Bop dA Jig Tour May 2010: http://thepurbeckgazette.com/news/info.aspx?f=41

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