Tango en Skai – Roland Dyens – A Great Tango for Guitar and also for Mandolin

Some time ago I have found a nice video with a mandolin version of a piece with titel Tango en Skai played by the Japanese mandolin player Kozo Onishi. I had not heard this piece before, but I liked it immediately.

This is one of the two videos of Tango en Skai by Kozo Onishi played on the mandolin:

Tango en Skai – Kozo Onishi – Mandolin version

I wanted to know more about this piece so I looked for information and other videos. Tango en Skai was composed by Roland Dyens, who is a guitarist and composer and there is a video of Tango en Skai played by himself:

Tango en Skai – Roland Dyens

A second video shows Roland Dyens together with Thomas Viloteau during a workshop in Los Angeles:

Roland Dyens & Thomas Viloteau: Tango en Skai

Liverecording GFA Convention 2007, Los Angeles. By permission of the Artists

In the last video Tango en Skai is played by the young Japanese guitarist Kaori Mujari. This shows that Tango en Skai is also vey popular in Japan, maybe Kozo Onishi was inspired by a video like this to play this tune on the mandolin.

Tango en Skai – Kaori Mujari

I have collected other versions of this often played piece in my playlist. You can find versions with other instruments as well, including accordion versions, guitar ensemble, violin and guitar. marimbaphone, …

Playlist Tango en Skai

Enjoy the Tango en Skai!

Additional information about  Tango en Skai and Roland Dyens

youtube Channel Onishikozo

Roland Dyens – Wikipedia (English)

Homepage Rolad Dyens

Decca: Kaori Mujari

Free sheet music: http://www.classclef.com/tango-en-skai-by-roland-dyens

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