Al di Meola – World Sinfonia at the 2009 Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Al di Meola  and his band World Sinfonia have played at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. This concert was available as a concert on demand of the CBC, but it has been removed in the meantime.

His current project – Al di Meola World Sinfonia – blends classical, jazz, and tango music with Middle Eastern overtones. The result is an electrifying mix complete with sophisticated rhythms, haunting and alluring melodies, and of course some thrilling guitar action.

  • Al Di Meola – guitar
  • Fausto Beccalossi – accordion, vocals
  • Victor Miranda – bass
  • Gumbi Ortiz – percussion
  • Peter Kaszas – drums, percussion

The pieces played by Al di Meola, Astor Piazzolla and Ralph Towner

  • Misterio
  • Siberiana
  • Double Concerto (Astor Piazzolla)
  • Michaelangelo’s Seventh Son
  • Gumbiero
  • Cafe 1930 (Astor Piazzolla)
  • Umbras (Andrea Parodi)
  • Green and Golden (Ralph Towner)
  • Mediterranean Sundance

Al di Meolahas played together with many other great musicians, very popular is his album Friday Night in San Francisco with John McLaughlin and the flamenco guitaruist Paco de Lucia.

His current band includes the accordeon which creates an interesting mix of jazz, flamenco and tango.

You can find videos of Al di Meola and his band in his official youtube channel, here as an example the famous Mediterranean Sundance:

Al Di Meola – “Mediterranean Sundance”

As a second example here a video of the Double Concerto by Astor Piazzolla:

Al Di Meola – “Double Concerto”

Official youtube Channel of Al di Meola:

Official Homepage:


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