The Viola Caipira of Brazil

I have found some more interesting things about the viola caipira.

First, there is a homepage dedicated to the viola caipira with all important information about the instrument, its players, teachers, luthiers, some sheet music and much more:

Then I found another homepage with an interesting article about the history of the Viola Cabocla with some interesting pictures. This article was published in the Revista Sertaneja magazine during the 1950s.:

Another homepage dedicated to the Viola is:

Finally the site of Eric Martins is also very useful if you want to learn to play the viola caipira – you can find chord charts and a basic method for the viola:

The I have found that there are some big ensembles who play the viola caipira and sing. Those Orquestra de Viola Caipira sound very similar to a mandolin orchestra, they do also use the tremolo some times. Here is one example of such an orchestra:

Orquestra Paulistana de Viola Caipira

Finally I have found an interesting video that shows some steps of the making of a viola caipira in a small luthiers workshop:

Luthier fabricando viola caipira

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