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Don Julin – Electric Mandolin & Mandola – Mandolins…

Recently I have listened to some videos with Don Julin on electric mandola and electric mandolin, and I have compiled a Don Julin playlist.

Don Julin is the author of Mandolin for Dummies / Mandolin Exercises for Dummies, and he has a online instruction website “Mandolins heal the World” where he teaches how to play the mandolin. It’s interesting that he is also trying to teach the mandolin like a language:

My philosophy is that music is a language and should be learned as a language. If we take a look at how we learn to speak, we may find some interesting parallels. The way a young child learns to speak is by hearing adults and siblings make sounds. At first the child simply imitates the sounds of the vowels and consonants and eventually forms words. After a while the child can string words together to begin communicating with others. It is at that time that we introduce the child to the printed page. I am simply suggesting that we approach music the same way. As in any language, you can further your study to include theory, history, and the evolution of this language, but in the long run what most folks really want is to be able to join the musical conversation. 

You can find more information about Don Julin and his Mandolin Heals The World website in an interview on the Mandolin Cafe website.

You can find great Jazz tunes with electric mandolin or electric mandola played by Don Julin like “You make ma skin crawl”, but also a great selection of Bluegrass tunes in my playlist.

Playliste Don Julin

Don Julin Mandolin Lessons – Playlist

Ther are some basic mandolin lessons available in Don Julins Mandolin Lessons channel.

Website Don Julin

Mandolins heal the World – Interview Mandolin Cafe

Mandolins heal the World – Website

Don Julin Mandolin Lessons – youtube channel

electric mandolin

Reignwolf – Mandolin Song – A Great Performance with…

Some time ago I have discovered this video by  Reignwolf (Jordan Cook) on twitter. Jordan Cook plays an electric mandolin.

Reignwolf – Mandolin Song & The Chain – Rockwood Music Hall NYC 2012-11-13

An incredible performance, guys, catch him if he’s playing anywhere near you. Loved that rendition of The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)…..

Reignwolf has been named one of the 10 artists you need to know in 2014:

10 New Artists You Need to Know: January 2014

Playlist Reignwolf

Videos with guitar and some other versions of the mandolin song. In the first video Reignwolf plays a solo with guitar or mandolin and plays the bass drum with his feet. In the third piece (Chain) you can see his mandolin technique very well – mostly he plays with the thumb and middle- or ringfinger, and holds the pick with the index finger to be able to play with the pick as well.

More videos:

Additional Information


electric mandolin

Jimmie Skinner with Ray Lunsford – The King of…

On tumblr I have found a picture of Ray Lunsford – a cover from an EP that says: Ray Lunsford – The King of the Electric Mandolin

I have found one youtube video with Ray Lunsford – the Carroll Country Blues:

Ray Lunsford – Carroll Country Blues

Ray Lunsford is also referenced in videos with Jimmie Skinner. Ray Lunsford played with Jimmie Skinner in many records like in the following two videos:

Jimmie Skinner – Just Ramblin’ On

JIMMIE SKINNER Ramblin boy blues

Playlists with Ray Lunsford and Jimmie Skinner

Ray Lunsford and his mandolin can obviously be seen on some of the shown record sleeves.

Additional Information

Wikipedia about Jimmie Skinner:

Skinner’s early records were notable for their sparse instrumentation, usually backed by electric mandolinist Ray Lunsford.

Blog post about Jimmie Skinner:

Ray Lunsford’s contribution to the early Jimmie Skinner sound should be acknowledged on a higher level ; he was to Skinner what Luther Perkins was to Johnny Cash – another way to measure the influence of the former on the latter. Ray never strayed far from the melody line and rarely launched into furious soli, but his playing was pleasant and complemented Skinner’s vocals to perfection. Around the mid-fifties, Lunsford had three instrumental singles on the Excellent label – one of which, coupling ‘Carroll County Blues’ and ‘Mt. Vernon Rag’, was eventually picked up by Starday and issued as # 296 in mid-1957. A lesser-known item by Ray Lunsford is an extended-play record on Sage Records (EP 285) ; Ray is dubbed as ‘King Of The Electric Mandolin’ and plays four tunes – ‘I Don’t Love Nobody’, ‘Rustic Dance’, a very good ‘Red Wing’ and ‘Pickin’ Around’, penned by Lunsford with Estel Lee Scarbrough.

Blog about Ray Lunsford (with 3 tracks as mp3 download?? – does not work):

Best known as the madolin player for Jimmie Skinner, Lunsford made several great records for Starday, Excellent, Sage, Allandale and many others I’m sure. Legend has it Lunsford and Skinner were next door neighbors for years before Skinner found out he was a musician, and asked him to play at a backyard barbecue. The rest is history. A true hometown hero for me.

I have used Audials One 9 to download 26 tracks by Jimmie Skinner to my PC – now I can listen more easily to his music!

electric mandolin

Hajo Hoffmann – On Tour with his Mandolin Solo…

Hajo Hoffman is a violin and mandolin player from Hannover, Germany.

He has played in different groups as violinist and mandolin player, he plays as sideman of Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Purple Schultz and Melva Houston. He teaches jazz violin at the music university in Hannover.

Hajo Hoffman has developed his own style of mandolin playing. He uses loopers and electronic effects and also his voice to enrich his solo performances. In some of his pieces he does also use scat singing doubling the mandolin with his voice.

Just recently Hajo Hoffmann has published a solo CD titled Licht und Schatten (Light and Shadow). With this program Hajo Hoffmann is currently touring through Germany. He describes his music as follows:

Die Tradition der Mandoline wird in die Vielfalt des 21. Jahrhunderts transformiert und geht eine Liaison mit ihr noch nicht so vertrauten musikalischen Genres ein. Als Meister des „Crossover“, bietet Hajo Hoffmann eine Melange aus traditioneller Klassik, Improvisationen des Jazz und der Weltmusik. Hajo Hoffmanns Stimme ist sowohl Farbe als auch Akzent. Genutzt zur Wiedergabe deutscher und brasilianischer Songs, Imitationen von Vogelstimmen, zur freien Bereicherung des immer wieder überraschenden Spiels. Der Titel der CD -“Licht und Schatten“ ist nicht ausschließlich musikalisches Thema des Künstlers sondern ist zudem Ausdruck von Begegnungen und Gegensätzen verschiedener Kulturen und Welten

Es entspricht aber der Vielseitigkeit, den Kontrasten und Gegensätzen seiner musikalischen „Weltreisen“ und Lebenserfahrungen. Hajo Hoffmann spielt auf einer besonderen 4-saitigen Tacoma-Mandoline die
elektroakustisch mit einem Chorus-Echo-Delay oder einem „Wah-Wah-Sound“, umgesetzt durch ein digitales Effektgerät, klanglich aufbereitet Damit verkörpert er eine KlangÄsthetik die sehr authentisch und einmalig ist. Lassen Sie sich bei diesem Konzert von Hajo Hoffmann an die Hand nehmen und begleiten Ihn durch sein „Licht und Schatten“ und entdecken vielleicht auch für sich eine neue Sichtweise: Ihr „Licht und Schatten“

Translation: The mandolin tradition is transormed into the variety of the 20th century and is merged with other musical genres that are not yet well known. As a master of “crossover” Hajo Hoffman presents a mix of traditional classical music, jazz improvisations and world music. Hajo Hoffmanns voice is color and accentuation. Used to perform German or Brazilian songs, imitations of birds, for free enrichment of the always surprising mandolin playing. The title “Light and Shadow” is not only a musical theme of the artist but it is also an expression for the encounter and contradiction of different cultures and worlds.

This is in accordance with the many-sidedness, the contrasts and contradictions of his musical trips around the world and experience of life. Hajo Hoffmann plays a special 4-stringed Tacoma mandolin enhanced with chorus echo delay and wah-wah effects. By this he represents a very authentic and unique aesthetics of sound. Let you take you by the hand by Hajo Hoffmann and go along with him through his “Light and Shadow” and discover new views for yourself: Light and Shadow

Hajo Hoffmann

I have collected the best videos with Hajo Hoffmann in my playlist.

One of my favorite videos clips is the following:

Marea – Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek – Komposition: Imogen Heap, Arrangement: Antoine Dufour – Wolfang Stute, Gitarre: Wolfgang Stute, Mandoline: Hajo Hoffmann – Aufnahme:

This is another video with alife performance from a concert from last year (Seelze) mandovocale: licht & schatten

Hajo Hoffmann: Chorinho “Segura Ele”

Mitschnitt des Konzertes vom 25. September 2010 in der St. Martinskirche in Seelze aus dem Programm “mandovocale: licht & schatten”

Playlist Hajo Hoffmann

Videos with Hajo Hoffmann playing mandolin, including pieces of his current program Light and Shadow, and some other videos with Heinz Rudolf Kunze (Räuberzivil).  Enjoy Hajo Hoffmann and his mandolin!

Read more “Hajo Hoffmann – On Tour with his Mandolin Solo Program “Mandovocale” – New CD”