Tana Matz – “Irreplaceable” Beyonce Cover with Mandolin

Tana Matz is a young singer/songwriter. She has just publisher her first music video “Take My Hand” off of her upcoming EP, coming early this Fall. And she has also made a new video of a cover of the song “Irreplacable” – where she plays the mandolin: Tana Matz – “Irreplaceable” Beyonce Cover Here’s Tana Matz […]

Bonnie Sims – Great Songs with Mandolin Accompaniment

The mandolin is not as often used for accompaniment of songs as the ukulele. So I am always happy when I find examples for a mandolin used by singers for accompaniment. Bonnie Sims has made a set of videos where she sings and accompanies herself with the mandolin. You can also find a set of […]

The Huron Carol – An Ancient Christmas Carol from Canada

In my latest post I have written about the Christmas Dinner with Dala concert of the CBC. In this concert I have discovered the Huron Carol, an ancient Christmas carol that is very popular in Canada. I have found many youtube videos of this song, unfortunately the version by Dala is not available as a […]

The “Wreck of the Old 97” and other Songs of Virginia Tragedies

On twitter I have found a tweet about an online exhibition about Songs of Virginia Tragedies which can be found on the homepage of the Blueridge Institute: Deathly Lyrics: Songs of Virginia Tragedies A story told in song, the ballad has for centuries been a means for passing history from one generation to the next. […]

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