Stary Olsa – Medieval Classic Rock! – Metallica, Beatles and Deep Purple played with Medieval Instruments

Stary Olsa is a medieval band from Minsk, Belarus that has played throughout Europe. As an experiment they have played classic rock songs by Metallica, Deep Purple or The Beatles using their medieval instruments – and they had a big success with their performances and their youtube videos. Now thay have just started a kickstarter […]

Chloe and Jason Roweth – Folk Music and Poetry from Australia with Mandolin, Mandola and Guitar

Chloe and Jason Roweth are two Australian musicians. I first discovered a video where they played an instrumental version of the old tune Just as the sun went down when I did some research about the composer Lyn Udall. They are playing many interesting traditional tunes from Australia with mandolin, mandola and guitar. Sometimes they […]

Azzurro by Daigo Marumoto (Japan) – Compositions for Mandolin Solo and Mandolin Orchestra

Recently I have listened to videos of the composition Azzurro for solo mandolin by Daigo Marumoto. This is a nice, dreamy composition for the mandolin, and so there are quite some videos of this composition played by the best Japanese mandolin players. My favorite video besides the version by Masataka Hori at the beginning of […]

Harrison Kennedy – Mandola-Blues

I have recently found a concert with Harrison Kennedy on the CBC Concerts on Demand site. Harrison Kennedy plays mandolin, guitar, banjo, harmonica and he sings. During the 60s Harrison was a member of The Chairman of the Board and he was very successful: In 1968 the Detroit POP GROUP “The Chairmen of the Board.” […]

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