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David Naiditch – Bluegrass that Swings – Bluegrass, Jazz…

I have recently discovered a CD titled Bluegrass that Swings by David Naiditch on the Airplay Direct Website. David Naiditch is a harmonica player who plays Bluegrass music, Western Swing, Jazz, Klezmer, Ragtime and more.

The harmonica is not the typical Bluegrass instrument, it was the first time that I found Bluegrass recordings with a harmonica. But it fits well to a typical Bluegrass band with guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin.

David has compile a Bluegrass playlist with more than 43 videos, including many examples from his CDs.

Bluegrass tunes – Playlist by David Naiditch

But I remember that Bill Monroe used to have an accordion in some of his early recordings like in this recording of Blue Grass Special at the end of the video:

Sierra Hull is the mandolin player in the following video of Old Dangerfield:

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Zapf Dingbats – Stringband Music

I have just read a tweet about the new CD of  a band with the rare name Zapf Dingabats on twitter. This sounded interesting and I visited their homepage and listened to the five tracks there.

Drawing on influences such as Jelly Roll Morton, Bob Wills, Louis Armstrong, and the black string bands from the South (Mississippi Sheiks, Charlie McCoy), the Zapf Dingbats deliver a unique arrangements of traditional jazz, blues, and folk tunes.

These are the members of Zapf Dingbats:

I have compiled a playlist with some videos with the Zapf Dingbats Band:

Zapf Dingbats

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More videos can be found in the youtube channel MusicLover1948