Hasapiko and Hasaposerviko – Two Greek Folk Dances – Free Sheet Music for Mandolin and Guitar

Some time ago I have discovered a great recording by Christina Pluhar, the Hasapiko from the CD Mediterraneo: Hasapiko – Christina Pluhar und L’Arpeggiata – CD Mediterraneo     The ensemble L’Arpeggiata plays a long version with many improvisations. You can hear many different instruments like hammered dulcimer, plucked instruments like saz or the Kretian […]

Manolis Chiotis – The most popular Bouzouki Player of the 1960s

Manolis Chiotis was the most important player of the Greek bouzouki during the 1960s. He played the bouzouki in many movies, and many clips from those movies are available at youtube. Even Jimi Hendrix has been influenced by Manolis Chiotis. Manolis Chiotis has also taken part in the development of the modern bouzouki. If you […]

Attika Plucked String Orchestra 2012 – Music by Manos Hadzidakis and Mikis Theodorakis – With the Opus Femina Choir and Soloists

The Attika Plucked String Orchestra has just published a set of videos from a concert given in Korinth on July 28 this year. The first part of the concert was composed of compositions by the famous Greek composer Manos Hadzidakis. The second part of the concert was dedicated to the music of Mikis Theodorakis. The […]

The Cretan Laouto – A Big and Great Sounding Instrument from Greece

I have discovered the Cretan Laouto some time ago and have written the following post in my German blog. I thought that I should also make a version in English about this interesting instrument from Greece. The Cretan Laouto has 4 double strings, the three lower strings are tuned in octaves, the highest strings are […]

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