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The best Mandolin Duets – Sheet Music and Videos

Some time ago I have been asked if I can recommend any mandolin duets. So I started to make some research and look for videos and sheet music for two mandolins.

Duets for two mandolins are not so frequently found as duets for mandolin and guitar. Sheet music for two mandolins is more difficult to find.

The most important artists playing music for two mandolins today are probably Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall. Carlo Aonzo has played together with Brian Oberlin on some occasions. Mike Marshall has played together with Chris Thiele and with the bandolim players Hamilton de Holanda or Danilo Brito. All Bluegrass mandolin players are used to play melody and chords – so they do occasionally play as a mandolin duo.

Pieces for a melody instrument with accompaniment can be played as a mandolin duet if the second mandolin plays the chords or improvises a second part. In my playlist you can find several examples of this.

Classical Mandolin Duets – A List of the BDZ

On the website of the BDZ (Bund Deutscher Zupfmuskier, association of mandolin orchestras in Germany) you can find several lists of sheet music for mandolin and guitar, including a list for mandolin duet.

sheet music for mandolin and guitar
sheet music for two mandolins.

Playlist – Mandolin Duets

In my playlist of mandolin duets I have collected classical mandolin duets but also mandolin duets with bluegrass, folk or choro. Let yourself be inspired to find interesting music for two mandolins.

Duo Galante – Musik für Mandoline – Playlist

Caterina Lichtenberg and Silke Lisko have recorded an album with music for two mandolins some time ago. This album includes classical mandolin duets from the 18th century and duets from the romantic period (Calace, Munier). The complete album is available at youtube.

You can find many mandolin duets in the old mandolin methods from around 1900. The method by Cristofaro includes so called Recreations for teacher and student. Some great sounding duets can be found in the method by Janvier Pietrapertosa. You can check the free mandolin methods on my website MandoIsland –  Mandolin method – MandoIsland.

I have collected links for syllabuses for the mandolin  check this: Linksammlung Lehrplan Mandoline

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mandolin and guitar

Lydia & Bettina – A German Duet with Mandolin…

Some time ago I have found an announcement for a concert with the Duo Lydia and Bettina. I had previously heard about this duo with mandolin and guitar, and so I searched for information about Lydia and Bettina.

This is how the duo presents itself on their website:

Wir sind Lydia Rombach und Bettina Lehmann. Wir, das sind eine Mandoline, eine Gitarre und eine gefühlvolle, einprägsame Stimme. Musik begleitet uns schon unser ganzes Leben. Seit über 10 Jahren gehen wir diesen Weg gemeinsam.

Ein Abend mit uns ist eine musikalische Zeitreise vom 16. Jhd. bis in die Gegenwart. Stilistisch legen wir uns dabei nicht fest: Rock, Pop, Klassik – gespielt wird, was gefällt. Ohne großes technisches Equipment und auf unsere eigene, unbekümmerte Art und Weise.

Translation: We are Lydia Rombach and Bettina Lehmann. We, that is a mandolin, a guitar and a soulful, impressing voice. Music has accompnied us for our whole life. For more than 10 years we are going this way together.

An evening with us is a musical travel from the 16th century until today. We are not fixed to a single style: rock, pop, classical – we play what we like to play. Without much technical equipment and in our own, easygoing way.

Both have played in a local mandolin orchestra. So they decided to use mandolin and guitar as well for their Duo.

I like the arrangements by Lydia and Bettina, the mandolin is used to make the arrangements brilliant and interesting, with single notes, tremolo or chords.


I hope that I will be able to visit one of the next concerts of this duo.

I have found four videos in the youtube Channel Lydik :

Wayfaring Stranger (Lydia und Bettina)

Robbie Williams Angels (Lydia und Bettina)

Mit diesem Video haben wir uns für das Triberger Weihnachtstalent beworben und haben dann nach einem Live Casting auch tatsächlich gewonnen.
Bettina an der Gitarre und mit Gesang und Lydia an der Mandoline.
Bitte entschuldigt die nicht unbedingt professionelle Aufnahme.

We are looking forward to your comments!

Playlist Lydia and Bettina

Additional Information

Website Lydia und Bettina: http://www.lydiaundbettina.de/


Sor – Study in B-Minor – As a Duet…

I have recently discovered several videos with the famous study in B minor as a duet. I have not found out who made the  arrangements for a duet, and I have not found the sheet music for this version.

It is interesting to listen to this arrangement of the study which uses the study as an accompaniment for a beautiful melody.

Flute & Guitar: Fernando SOR – Study in B Minor, Op. 35, N°22

Duet Guitar & Mandolin

Fernando SOR Study in B Minor Op. 35 Nr. 22 Trio for Mandolin and 2 guitars performed

Duet for two guitars

Guitare classique – Kaori Muraji & Kiyoshi Shomura – Moonlight – Etude O.P. 35 – N° 22

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Michel Corrette – Played On Mandolins – Joe Brent…

The playlist with videos played by Alon Sariel contains a video of a Sonata for 2 violins by Michel Corrette.

The sheet music for this Sonata is available in the Werner Icking Archive.

So – enjoy the video, download the sheet music, find a second mandolin player and learn to play this sonata:

Joe Brent and Alon Sariel play Michel Corrette

Sonate à deux Violons Sonata for 2 violins in A-Minor from the violin method L’École d’Orphée, Paris 1738

Alison Stephans and Lauren Scott (Duo Mandala) did also play a Sonata by Michel Corrette in an arrangement for mandolin and harp:

Sonate in D Major by M. Corrette DUO MANDALA

This is the third movement of the Sonata in D Major by M. Corrette performed by Duo Mandala (Alison Stephens – mandolin and Lauren Scott – harp) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009. This piece was edited for mandolin and harp by Alison Stephens and is published by Astute Music.

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