Sor – Study in B-Minor – As a Duet with Flute, Mandolin or a second Guitar

I have recently discovered several videos with the famous study in B minor as a duet. I have not found out who made the  arrangements for a duet, and I have not found the sheet music for this version.

It is interesting to listen to this arrangement of the study which uses the study as an accompaniment for a beautiful melody.

Flute & Guitar: Fernando SOR – Study in B Minor, Op. 35, N°22

Duet Guitar & Mandolin

Fernando SOR Study in B Minor Op. 35 Nr. 22 Trio for Mandolin and 2 guitars performed

Duet for two guitars

Guitare classique – Kaori Muraji & Kiyoshi Shomura – Moonlight – Etude O.P. 35 – N° 22

A video of the original study

Fernando Sor: B-minor study

Additional Information

I have not found the sheet music for this duet version.

Sheet music by Fernando  Sor at IMSLP:,_Fernando

Sheet music by  Fernando Sor in the Classical Guitar Forum:

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