The Water Understands – 9 Horses

Just got a newsletter from 9 Horses with this great video The Water Understands. That’s the introduction for the video from the newsletter:

Working together with filmmaker Souki Mehdaoui, American Sign Language actor and performer Christina Dunams, electronic sound designer Justin Goldner, and our friends Nathan Koci on piano, Kevin Garcia on drums, and Reed Black from Vinegar Hill Sound, this short film features our newest composition the water understands, inspired by the Ralph Waldo Emerson poem ‘Water’. We’re really proud of this collaboration. It just felt good to be putting something beautiful into the world right now.

The poem is an observation on the dual nature of water; something which can “deketh” or “doubleth joy,” but ill used, “elegantly destroy.” With water levels rising around the world and cities like Venice and New Orleans (not to mention our home town of New York) fighting for their survival, and in the wake of the floods and subsequent humanitarian crises in Houston and South Asia, it feels especially timely.

9 Horses – The Water Understands

the water understands

by Joe Brent

Directed and edited by Souki Mehdaoui

ASL performance by Christina Dunams

9 Horses is:

  • Joe Brent, electric mandolin
  • Sara Caswell, violin
  • Andrew Ryan, bass
  • Justin Goldner, electronic sound design
  • Nathan Koci, piano
  • Kevin Garcia, drums

Based on the poem ‘Water’, by Ralph Waldo Emerson


Pizzicar Galante – Mandolin Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti –…

Pizzicar Galante – with mandolinist Anna Schivazappa and harpsichordist Fabio Antonio Falcone – are going to record their second CD with works by Domenico Scarlatti for mandolin and harpsichord.

Anna Schivazappa has studied the mandolin in Urbino and Padua in Italy and is currently working on her PHD in musicology.

The project is presented in the following video:

The first CD of Pizzicar Galante was dedicated to the composer Robert Valentini. The complete recording has been made available on youtube by the recording company Brilliant Classics:

You can support the project on the ulule crowdfunding website:

Additional information

Website Pizzicar Galante:

  • Anna Schivazappa, mandolines baroques
  • Ronald Martin Alonso, viole de gambe
  • Daniel de Moraïs, théorbe
  • Fabio Antonio Falcone, clavecin

Bobby Osborne “Original” – A Great Bluegrass CD by…

Bobby Osborne has recorded his new CD “Original” at an age of 85. When I listened to this album I was immediatly fascinated by the songs and arrangements. The album has been made available as streaming on the website The Bluegrass Situation.

The CD was produced by Alison Brown. The project has been supported by the FreshGrass Foundation. Without this support this recording would not have been possible. Bobby Osborne was joined by several younger musicians:

The new album features an all star cast of pickers and singers collaborating with Bobby on an eclectic set of songs. Relative newcomers Sierra Hull and Trey Hensley team up with stalwarts Stuart Duncan and Todd Phillips on grass’d up versions of Paint Your Wagon’s “They Call The Wind Maria” and the Bee Gees’ “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You.” The never before recorded Darrell Scott song “Kentucky Morning,” featuring Rob Ickes, gives a nod to Bobby’s heritage while the cover of “Make the World Go Away” with the lush twin fiddles of Buddy Spicher and Matt Combs evokes Music Row circa 1962. Bobby’s touring band the Rocky Top X-Press, with sons Wynn, Robby and Bobby Osborne Jr., deliver an updated version of the Osborne Brothers’ classic “Pathway of Teardrops” while Ronnie and Robbie McCoury, together with Josh Williams and Missy Raines, collaborate on a version of the obscure Mel Tillis song “Goodbye Wheeling.” Additional performers include Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Jim Lauderdale, Del McCoury, Darrell Scott, David Mayfield, Molly Tuttle, Bryan McDowell, and Kenny Malone.

For the recording Bobby Osborne made his very first music video, a great video that presents all the other artists of this project.

Playliste Bobby Osborne – Original – Konzerte

Additional Information

You can stream the album  “Original” by Bobby Osborne on the website The Bluegrass Situation:

Now 85, Bobby Osborne recently shot a music video — his first — for “Message,” the album’s lead single. In the video, he’s dressed in a pinstripe suit and strumming his mandolin while flanked by an all-star band of bluegrass musicians who played on the song, including Brown, Sierra Hull, Stuart Duncan, Trey Hensley, Claire Lynch, Todd Phillips and Rob Ickes.

You can buy the album from Amazon (Partnerlink)

Original – Bobby Osborne

mandolin quartet

MANdolinMAN – A Mandolin Quartet from Belgium – New…

In 2013 I have written about a CD by the mandolin quartet MANdolinMAN from Belgium. Last year the quartet has produced the third CD Unfolding the Roots.

You can find two tracks from this CD at vimeo, and also a trailer for the new CD.

Enjoy the quartet MANdolinMAN from Belgium!

Unfolding the Roots

Track from “Unfolding The Roots”, third album of MANdolinMAN (Belgium).

MANdolinMAN featuring Stefan Bracaval – “Rumba Del Raval”

Bonustrack on “Unfolding The Roots”, third album of MANdolinMAN.

composition: Maarten Decombel

TRAILER NEW ALBUM MANdolinMAN – “Unfolding The Roots”

(release Belgium October 2016 by MM RECORDS // Worldwide release March 2017 by ARC MUSIC).

After their successful first album “Old Tunes, Dusted Down” and a second album on which they explored the Bossa Nova style, MANdolinMAN return to their roots. The historic melodies from Flanders are injected with a modern and contemporary vigour. STAY TUNED! for info and concerts

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Buy the CD from Amazon  (Amazon Partnerlink)

MANdolinMAN – Unfolding the Roots