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Eurofestival Zupfmusik

Bruchsal May 10 – 13 2018

Details and information on the following website:


Program (as posted on Facebook April 11 2018)

Yasuo Kuwahara Competition 2018

for Mandolin solo

To promote the art of mandolin playing and to enable international comparisonin the field, the „Musikforum Schweinfurt e.V“ is holding the
”Yasuo Kuwahara Competition” – International Competition for Solo Mandolin 2018

Place of event: Historical Town Hall, Schweinfurt

Competition conditions:

  • The competition is open to all mandolinists and is for mandolin either alone or with an accompanying instrument (piano, guitar, etc.). There is no age limit. The baroque mandolin may be used, but will not be judged preferentially. The ”Cremonese mandolin” (single strings) is not admissible.
  • The participation fee is Euro 50,00. This sum is to be remitted at the time of application to:
    IBAN: DE 20 7933 0111 0000 0002 30 BIC: FLESDEMMXXX
    Please enclose a copy of the bank confirmation. The entry fee is non-refundable.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are to be met by the competitors.
  • Performances for adjudication are open to the public.
  • The jury’s decision is final. Legal appeal is precluded.
  • With the application, participants agree to recording for documentation purposes and for broadcast.

Closing date for application: December 31, 2018 (date of the postmark)

Order of events:

  • March 10, 2018: afternoon / evening: 1st round of the competition
  • March 11: forenoon: final round

Musikforum Schweinfurt

Competition for Mandolin solo

Concorso Internazionale per Mandolino Solo

Website: http://www.mandolinoestense.it/concorso.html



European Guitar & Mandolin
Youth Orchestra (EGMYO)
30. Juli – 8. August 2016


European Guitar and Mandolin Youth Orchestra (EGMYO) – Workshop and Concerts 2016


River of the West Mandolin Camp

June 7 – 10, 2018

The 10th annual River of the West Mandolin Camp is June 7 – 10, 2018, in Corbett, Oregon, located in the majestic Columbia River Gorge just 20 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The instructors, chosen for their masterful mandolin playing distinction and exceptional teaching abilities, include Don Stiernberg (swing and jazz), Evan Marshall (classical), Jordan Ramsey (bluegrass), and Camp founder Brian Oberlin (swing and bluegrass). During the four days of mandolin immersion, each Camper will experience seven – 90 minute workshops from all four teachers, ensemble rehearsals and performance, structured and non-structured jams, faculty concerts, bonfire jams, meals, and lodging. The maximum student capacity is 52 which makes for smaller classes from some of the best mandolin players and teachers in the world. The cost for campers (including lodging and meals) and commuters (including meals)  is $550.  Go to https://www.mandoberlin.com/river-west-camp.php for complete details.

Great Lakes Mandolin Camp

The 2nd annual Great Lakes Mandolin Camp on September 13 – 15, 2018 will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The instructors are Camp founder Brian Oberlin (swing, bluegrass and classical), Don Stiernberg (swing and jazz) and Emory Lester (bluegrass).  During the three days of mandolin immersion, each Camper will experience six workshops from all three teachers, ensemble rehearsals, mass mandolin orchestra rehearsals, Q & A sessions with all teachers, a special workshop learning the teacher’s favorite “licks and tricks”, structured and non-structured jams, and perform with the mass orchestra and ensemble of their choice at the student and faculty concert.  The maximum student capacity is 45, which makes for smaller classes from some of the best mandolin players and teachers in the world. The cost is an affordable $400.

Details: https://www.mandoberlin.com/great-lakes-mandolin-camp.php


Marilynn Mair’s 26th American Mandolin & Guitar Summer School (AMGuSS)

will be held June 25-30, 2018 on the waterfront campus of Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

More information:


Mandolin Cafe



International Contest for Composition

for Plucked String Orchestra

“José Fernández Rojas”

An Event of the BIP-Rioja
(Bienal Internacional de Plectro de La Rioja)
The organisation ConTrastes-Rioja is associated with the department of guitar and
other plucked string instruments at La Rioja Conservatorium of Music. One of
the chief purposes of this organisation is to promote musical life in the Rioja
area, both generally and particularly in respect of the guitar and plectrum

Information available at:


Rules (Pdf):



Mandolin Upgrade Festival Berlin 2015

The festival took place in 2015 – some posts about the festival in my German blog:

Das Upgrade Mandolin Guitar Baglama Festival in Berlin – Mandolinen, Gitarren und Baglamas – Instrumentenausstellung

Das Upgrade Mandolin Guitar Baglama Festival in Berlin – Crossover Konzert und Abschlusskonzert mit Avi Avital

Das Upgrade Mandolin Guitar Baglama Festival in Berlin – Orchesterworkshop und Mittagskonzert

Das Upgrade Mandolin Guitar Baglama Festival in Berlin – Workshops für Baglama und Mikrotonale Gitarre / Bundlose Gitarre


International Mandolin Academy directed by Maestro Carlo Aonzo

XIII Summer Accademia 2018

August 12th – 19th – Genoa, Italy

The International Mandolin Academy, directed by Maestro Carlo Aonzo, provides a unique opportunity for players of all levels to participate in a one-week musical holiday dedicated to the mandolin and the guitar. Together with musicians from all over the world, moments of intense cultural, musical and social exchange are shared with participants of all ages in which music becomes the common, universal language.



First Mediterranean Accademia – Corsica




Keith Harris Mandolin Lessons

Keith Harris offers personal mandolin lessons via the Internet. Details can be found on his website: http://www.mandolin-lessons.com/


Periodical Festivals


Festival international de mandoline de Castellar



 Festival International Mandolines de Lunel



Festival Internacional de Plectro de La Rioja


Composition Competition ConTrastes-Rioja

ConTrastes-Rioja, from Logroño, La Rioja, Spain, convokes every year a Composition Competition for plucked


Summer school of the mandolin orchestra Giocoso in Lieboch / Graz / Austria:






Sore Fingers




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