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Okavango: An African Orchestra – Great CBC Concert in Toronto

Today I am listening to some great African music. The CBC has added a concert by the group Okavango to its list of free concerts on demand. For Okavango seven musician from different part of Afrika have joined together – musicians who normally would not play together. Okavango has created a great mixture of African […]

Marcelo Fortuna and the Ensemble BARBACUTE – Klezmer and Choro

Another interesting ensemble with Marcelo Fortuna is the  Ensemble BARBACUTE. This group plays Klezmer music and Brasilian Choro music. Marcelo Fortuna plays the cavaquinho, the other instruments are clarinet, recorde, violoncello and bass. Enjoy the ensemble BARBACUTE! BARBACUTE Antonio Carrilho (Recorder) Fausto Corneo (Clarinet) Marcelo Fortuna (Cavaquinho – “Brazilian ukulele”) Edoardo Sbaffi (Cello) Miguel Leiria […]

Marcelo Fortuna (Guitar) – Orquestra de Cordas Brasileiras – Choro with Flute and Guitar

Yesterday I have discovered the youtube chanel of Marcelo Fortuna. In this youtube channel you can discover many interesting videos. Marcelo Fortuna has studied guitar in Brazil and Portugal. He lives in Portugaql now and teaches guitar. This is the information from his homepage: He studied composition at the School of Music of the Federal […]

El Cumbanchero – Jesse McReynolds and David Grisman

Todays free download from David Grismans Acoustic Oasis site is El Cumbanchero played by the David Grisman Quintet. El Cumbanchero was made popular as a bluegrass tune by Jesse McReynolds if I am right. I have learned this tune from a Jesse McReynolds book and a Jesse McReynolds recording long time ago. I have found […]

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