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Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘Silence Lovers Club…

Fernando Barroso has just released his new CD ‘Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces’. He is promoting this new CD with concerts and radio interviews. Today I have listened to the Lume na palleira podcast by Radio Galega. The second hour of this podcast is completely dedicated to the interview with Fernando Barroso and it includes seven tracks from this CD. Another podcast includes 3 pieces from the new CD.

The music is very interesting, the sound of the mandolin and the cello fit together very well. The compositions are rhytmically and melodically interesting. I love this music very much.

There are two youtube videos with pieces from the CD:

Fernando Barroso con Margarida Mariño – O Barqueirinho

Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘D-Swing’

Playlist Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño

Additional Information

Website Fernando Barroso

Podcast: Lume na Paleira – Jan. 28, 2018 – Including 7 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers and a long interview with Fernando Barroso (in Spanish language)

Podcast: Corcovadomusica including 3 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers:

You can download the album “Silence Lovers Club” from Amazon (Partnerlink)

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James Hill – Ukulele – CBC Concert

The CBC has made the following concert with ukulele player James Hill available as a concert on demand:


The following text is from the CBC concert on demand page:

According to James Hill we’re in the midst of a revolution, albeit a small one. The ukulele, embraced by mainstream media from Oprah to American Idol, has returned from pop culture exile to become a tonic for modern malaise the world over. It’s a beautiful thing. And since the release of ‘Playing Like It Isn’t’ in 2002, he’s made it his mission to convince skeptics of the beauty, versatility and appeal of this chronically underestimated instrument. And has it worked? The Honolulu Star-Bulletin calls James a “rare peer” of Hawaii’s premier ukulele players. Stuart MacLean (Vinyl Café) calls him “the Wayne Gretzky of the ukulele.”

Wanting to find out what all the fuss was about we invited James Hill into our rooftop Studio H in Halifax for concert featuring his small but mighty collection of hand built ukuleles. We weren’t disappointed.

The following three videos have just been uploaded to youtube, James Hill plays together with Anne Davison on the violoncello. The first two songs were also included in the CBC concert:

Cairns Ukulele Festival July 3 2010 “Oh! Susanna” James Hill, Anne Davison cello

Cairns Ukulele Festival July 2010 James Hill, cello Anne Davison – One More Lie to Love

Cairns Ukulele Festival 2010 James Hill + Anne Davison cello – Smash the Window & St Anne’s Reel

Links about James Hill

A previous post about James Hill in this blog (only in German at the moment): James Hill – One Note Samba

Homepage: http://www.ukulelejames.com/

many more videos with James Hill in the youtube channel of: http://www.youtube.com/user/yogajenny

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The Avett Brothers

I have first heard the Avett Brothers in a recording from the Merlefest 2008, and I liked their music very much. The Avett Brothers have a very special style which is mainly composed of their unique singing style and the instruments guitar, a banjo, a violoncello (played in a standing position) and a double bass. Sometimes they sound a bit like the early Beatles, mixed with some Punk and some singer/songwriter elements like Bob Dylan.

The latest CD has also been released in Germany – I am curious if the Avett Brothers bill be successful in Germany too and if they will make a German tour some time. Some songs might please the Germans, but in general I think the Avett Brothers are a little bit too special for a real big success in Germany.

Here is my special selection of the songs and videos by the Avett Brothers that I like most:

Avett Brothers – Murder in the City

The Avett Brothers – January Wedding LIVE

4/16/10, Outdoor Theatre Stage, Coachella 2010.

Playlist with more videos by the Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers In Concert: Newport Folk Festival 2010

Seth and Scott Avett’s accessible mix of bluegrass, rock and folk has helped make rising roots-music stars of the photogenic North Carolina brothers, but the real draw is the pair’s rich, frenetic live shows with bassist Bob Crawford. As The Avett Brothers’ incessant touring takes the band through a laundry list of 2010’s summer festivals — click here for a dynamite show from Bonnaroo back in June — mega-stardom seems tantalizingly within reach. Last year’s I and Love and You is a real sleeper; an album with a lot to say about human behavior, big-hearted devotion and the desire to achieve simple goodness. Here, the band performs live at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I.

Additional information

Website of the Avett Brothers: http://www.theavettbrothers.com