Siegfried Behrend and the German Plucked String Orchestra 1971 – with Takashi Ochi (Mandolin)

I have just discovered several great videos showing the German guitarist Siegfried Behrend and the German Plucked Strings Orchestra (Deutsches Zupforchester).

In those videos you can see Takashi and Sylvia Ochi on the mandolin playing a concerto for two mandolins by Antonio Vivaldi, Takashi Ochi plays a part of a Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven. Later the orchstra demonstrates the differences between playing in tremolo style and without tremolo with a transcription of music for lute by Siegfried Behrend.

Behrends composition Araba is used as a demonstration of playing folk tunes with the plucked strings orchestra. And finally a modern composition – Styx by Anesthis Logothetis – shows that the plucked strings orchestra can also play very modern music with great success.

Within the members of the orchestra I have also recognized Wolfgang Bast – composer and conductor of the Plucked Strings Orchestra of Baden (Badisches Zupforchester). In this orchestra I have played for a long time in the 1980s.

This is a great document about the development of the modern plucked string orchestra in Germany.

Siegfried Behrend: Zupforchester Teil 1

Siegfried Behrend works with the German Plucked String Orchestra

Siegfried Behrend: Zupforchester Teil 2

Kammermusik fuer Gitarre

INSTRUMENTE-KLÄNGE-STRUKUREN Kammermusik für drei Gitarren. Mit Siegfried Behrend, Takashi Ochi und Sylvia Ochi und Tadashi Sasaki.

With a duo for two mandolins, a sonata by Vivaldi for two mandolins and lute, a guitar trio by Gragnani, Stierkampfmusik by S. Behrend and more. – The Siegfried Behrend Website

In the meantime I have found out who has made those great videos available. Helmut Richter has created the Siegfried Behrend website with many documents about Siegfried Behrend and his work – recordings, interviews, pictures, posters and those videos.

youtube channel with many more documentations with Siegfried Behrend:

Playliste Siegfried Behrend

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