Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko – Banjo and Kora

The Canadian musician Jayme Stone has travelled to Mali to research the history and origins of the banjo in Africa. There he met Mansa Sissoko, a “griot” and storyteller.

In this concert of the CBC you can hear both musicians together – creating something new from two different cultures.

Jayme Stone / Mansa Sissoko at Nuits D’Afrique 2009

Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko @ Claudia Cassidy Theater 092308

Playlist Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko

Concert on Demand – CBC:

Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko at the Calgary Folk Music Festival 2008

Canadian musician Jayme Stone went to Mali in search of the roots of the banjo. It was there that he met kora player Mansa Sissoko, a renowned “griot” – a musician and storyteller who helps to hand the songs down from the previous generation to the next.

Jayme and Mansa collaborated together and this concert is the result of the blending of two cultures into something new.

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Wikipedia about the kora: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kora_%28instrument%29

Homepage about the kora: http://www.kora-music.com/

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