Kleztory – Fantastic Klezmer Band from Canada

I have found Kleztory in a concert that had been available on the CBC concerts on demand site. This concert is no longer available.

Kleztory is a fantastic Klezmer band, and I have discovered some great tunes from their performances.


  • Alain Lagault – guitar
  • Mark Peetsma – bass
  • Airat Ichmouratov – clarinet
  • Ana Drobac – violin
  • Henri Oppenheim – accordion

The following text could be found on the CBC concert on demand page:

Kleztory is not only one of the most exciting and virtuosic Klezmer groups in Canada but they also represent a rich mosaic of nationalities and backgrounds.  Members are Russian, French along with both francophone and Anglophone Quebecers. They have settled and integrated very well in Quebec and now are achieving success.  Ironically – there is only one Jewish member in the group.

Recorded live at The Lion D’or in Montreal before an appreciative and amused crowd

From the Kleztory homepage I have taken the following text:

KLEZTORY’s roots go back to 1997, when guitarist Alain Legault founded Les Gitans Sédentaires. Joined by bassist Mark Peetsma, the group performed more than two hundred shows in the following two years. In 2000, this fine tuned rhythm section was joined by the classically trained clarinetist, Airat Ichmouratov, and became known as Simha. In early 2002, with the addition of violinist Elvira Misbakhova and accordionist Henri Oppenheim, KLEZTORY became a traditional klezmer ensemble and is one of the most dynamic klezmer ensembles in Canada today.

If you like Klezmer music you should take the chance and listen to this beautiful concert! My favorite piece in this concert is a tune by Andy Statman who is a great mandolin and Klezmer musician and composer. This tune is also available on the Kleztory homepage as a download.

Kleztory performs Andy’s Ride

Kleztory performs Fun Tashlikh

Playlist Kleztory


Homepage of Kleztory: http://www.kleztory.com/

youtube channel of Kleztory: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kleztory

many Kleztory videos can be found in the channel of: http://www.youtube.com/user/bastardmountainboys

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