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Mandolin Methods, a Mandolin Album and free Sheet Music…

In the digital archive of the Royal Library in Copenhagen you can find some free sheet music for the mandolin.

I have found several mandolin methods and a volume “Mandolin players entertainment album” with more than 200 pages with music for mandoline solo, studies for mandolin and pieces for mandolin and guitar.

The mandolin methods are intended for beginners. They contain some folk tunes and folk daces from Scandinavia and some tunes that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is the list of sheet music for mandolin available form the Royal Library in Copenhagen at the moment:

  • Bröndberg, Olaf A. Mandolin Skole [2014]
  • Friis, Anda Ørngreen Mandolin Skole egnet for Selvstudium [2014]
  • Petersen, Albert Mandolinspillerens Underholdningsbog. 200 udvalgte Melodier, Variationer, Operaer, Danse, Øvelser for Mandolin solo og Mandolin med Guitar-Akkompagnement forsynede med Fingersætning og Penneføring / af Albert Petersen [2014]
  • Petersen, Albert Dania. Album for Mandolin og Guitar [2014]
  • Etlinger, Aug De tusind Hjem’s Musik-Skole. Udgave for Guitar. Ny skandinavisk Metode, uden Lærer selv at spille: Guitar! Mandolin! [2014]
  • Etlinger, Aug De tusind Hjems Musik-Skole : Udgave for Mandolin [2014]
  • Becker, Georg Berceuse for Violin eller Mandolin med Piano [2013]
  • Becker, Georg Adagio für Mandola oder Mandoline med Klavier [2007]
  • Becker, Georg Minuetto für Mandoline und Klavier-Begleitung [2007]
  • Henriques, Fini Valse-Serenade og Valse-grazioso for Mandolin og Guitar, Op. 36. [2011]
  • 12 spanske Danse og Melodier, arrangerede for Mandolin og Guitar (med 2den Mandolin ad libitum) af A. Eggers : Bind I-III [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Cordobesa… : (habanera pour mandoline et guitare avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Sensitiva : 4. habanera… (pour mandoline et guitare avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Aperte, Pedro …Zaragoza : pas redoublé…(pour mandoline et piano avec 2e mandoline ad libitum) / Aperte [2007]
  • Kjerulf, Charles Sangen om Vesuv af “Santa Lucia” arr. for Mandolin og Guitar af Frederik Birket-Smith. [2007]
  • Degen, Søffren Trois Pièces pour Mandoline, Violon ou Flûte et Guitarre. op 15 [2007]
  • Lille Mandolinskole : Vejledning i Mandolinspil [2014]
  • Nordly, Im Mandolinskole til Undervisning og til Selvstudie [2014]
  • Rung, Henrik Duetti pel Mandolino e la Chitarra / composti da Enrico Rung e Federigo Rung [2011]
  • Rung, Henrik 3 Duetti per Mandolino e la Chitarra composti da Enrico Rung [2007]
  • Matthison-Hansen, Wilhelm Chanson arabe pour 4 Mandolines, Mandola et Guitares 1 & 2. L’Arrangement par Wilh. Matthison-Hansen : Partition et Parties [2013]
  • Matthison-Hansen, Wilhelm Chant national Béarnais pour 4 Mandolines, Mandola et Guitare / L’Arrangement par Wilh. Matthison-Hansen : Partition et Parties [2013]
  • Cannas, C. …Séguidille… : [pour] 2 mandolines et guitare [2007]

I have compiled some pictures of the covers and illustrations, and also some examples of the music:

Pictures from the Mandolin Methods in the Royal Library in Copenhagen

Additional Informationen

To find all the pieces you need to use severeal search terms – I have not found an easy method to find everything with one single search:

Search for “mandolin” in the Royal Library

Search for “mandolinskole”

Search for “mandoline”

Search for “mandolines”

In the Royal Library you can also find free sheet music for guitar, violin and other instruments – I am sure that you can discover more interesting items!

digital libraries

CHASE – Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions –…

Yesterday I have discovered the website of the CHASE project.


Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions

19th- and Early 20th-Century Annotated Editions of String Music:
Bibliographical Problems, Editorial Content and Implications for Performance Practice

This website is a great resource about the violin and other stringed instruments. You can find many detailed articles about the development of the instrumental technique for those instruments based on annotated editions of string music. If you are interested in the history of the violin or cello playing techniques and the way those instruments were taught, and also how the music has been played by some of the greatest violin players you should check the articles on this site.

You can find a big collection of scans of editions of violin music from the 19th and early 20th century including works by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and many other composers. This includes also some violin methods and collections of studies.

List of works on the CHASE website – most of those works are available for free download:

One of the works that I have found is the Chaconne by Vitali

Here is a great performance of this piece by Sarah Chang:

Vitali Chaconne – Sarah Chang

Another interesting composer is Emanuele Barbella who is known as a composer for some pieces for the mandolin. You can find two pieces by Barbella: Violin Sonata in E flat major and Tinna nonna (Lullaby)

Most of the pieces available on this site will probably be found also on the IMSLP site, but maybe the selection serves as a better way to find some interesting compositions.