Georg Philipp Telemann – Partita II in G Major – On Mandolin, Flute or Recorder

Some days ago I have made a new video with one movement from the Partita II in G major by Georg Philipp Telemann.

I have played this Partita for many years now, and every now and then I have liked to play the movements from this Partita on the mandolin. The key of G major is very well suited for the mandolin and the pieces are easy to play and do sound great.

This Partita is the second one from a set of 6 Partitas for violin, flute or oboe and B. C. (cello and piano or harpsichord) But the melodies are so beatifull, that it is possible to play the music also as a solo piece on the mandolin. A version for mandolin and guitar would be even better.

The complete sheet music for the 6 Partitas is available at the IMSLP site (see below). I have not tried out the other partitas yet, but I am sure that one or another would also sound great on the mandolin – just try it out!

This is my recording of the last movement Aria 6 – of the Partita II in G major

Telemann – Aria 6 for Mandolin Solo

The movements of the Partita are:

  • Siziliano
  • Aria 1 – Allegro
  • Aria 2 – Allegro
  • Aria 3 – Vivace
  • Aria 4 – Afettuoso
  • Aria 5 – Presto
  • Aria 6 – Tempo di Minuetto

I have found several videos of this Partita II in G major with recorder or flute at youtube and collected the videos in the following playlist. I have also added some movements from the other Partitas:

More Information

Free sheet music of the 6 Partitas  Kleine Kammermusik (6 Partitas) (Telemann, Georg Philipp),_Georg_Philipp%29

Other free sheet music by Telemann on the IMSLP site:,_Georg_Philipp

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