Vishtèn ✵ Great Acadian Folk and Step Dance

On the homepage of the Musical Instruments Museum I have found a video by the Acadian group Vishtèn who will play a concert in January in this museum. I was immediately hit by this video,  and I decided to find out more about this group.

Vishtèn was founded about 10 years ago and is located in the Eastern part of Canada, the part named Acadia which consists of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Prince Edward Island.

Vistèn play a selection of franco-canadian folk music and other folk music with accordeon, fiddle, guitar, flute, bodhran, banjo and also with mandolin. And they use their feet to add some extra percussion to their performances, or even add some step dancing to the songs. Great music with a lot of energie that animates to dance and move with the music.

Members of  Vishtèn

  • Emmanuelle LeBlanc – Bodhran, Piano, Whistles, Dance, Voice.
  • Pascal Miousse – Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Voice.
  • Pastelle LeBlanc – Accordion, Piano, Dance and Voice.
  • Louis-Charles – Vigneau Guitar, Banjo, Mandoline, Voice.

Some videos with Visthèn:

Vishten Va T’assir

Playlist Vishten

More Information

Homepage (including a player with 4 songs):


Wikipedia (engl.) about Vishtèn:

Herschel Freeman about Vishtèn (with player):

Album Review Mosaik:

Interview about the new  CD Mosaik:

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