Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900 – A Bunch of Old Sheet Music

I have recently bought a box of vintage sheet music from the UK – including 55 pieces for mandolin with piano, second mandolin, guitar, banjo. I am planning to make scans of this available in the future – but I think it might be interesting to see the covers of this collection to get an impression about the status of the mandolin around 1900.

Some of the pieces have a copyright date of 1897, and I think most of the pieces have been published before 1900.

I have made pictures of the covers or of the first page of the sheet music

Mandolin Sheet Music published in London around 1900

Reignwolf – Mandolin Song – A Great Performance with Electric Mandolin

Some time ago I have discovered this video by  Reignwolf (Jordan Cook) on twitter. Jordan Cook plays an electric mandolin.

Reignwolf – Mandolin Song & The Chain – Rockwood Music Hall NYC 2012-11-13

An incredible performance, guys, catch him if he’s playing anywhere near you. Loved that rendition of The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)…..

Reignwolf has been named one of the 10 artists you need to know in 2014:

10 New Artists You Need to Know: January 2014

Playlist Reignwolf

Videos with guitar and some other versions of the mandolin song. In the first video Reignwolf plays a solo with guitar or mandolin and plays the bass drum with his feet. In the third piece (Chain) you can see his mandolin technique very well – mostly he plays with the thumb and middle- or ringfinger, and holds the pick with the index finger to be able to play with the pick as well.

More videos:

Reignwolf at the orange peel 2014

Additional Information

Website Reignwolf

Rolling Stone about Reignwolf

Reignwolf Interiew / Live Review


Dry And Dusty live at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering – Old-time Sister Duo – Complete Show

I have discovered Dry and Dusty in the youtube channel Mark’s Memories and I have listened to the show they played at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering now for several times.

Description from the Dry and Dusty facebook page

Dry and Dusty is an old-time sister duo from Bellingham and sometimes Spokane, Washington. The band is made up of Ruthie and Sally Jablonsky, who grew up playing music with their parents, hiking around in the desert singing cowboy songs, and learning the old tunes from their extended family at festivals and camps.

Dry and Dusty are playing and singing a great program of songs and instrumentals, with great harmony singing, a variety of instrumental combinations and humorous dialogs between the songs. If you like oldtime music you should watch the complete playlist.

Big Truck Driving Man is one of the great songs with mandolin and guitar accompaniment:

08 Dry And Dusty 2014-01-18 Big Truck Driving Man

Sally does also play the banjo in clawhammer style – a great example is the last song of the show:

14 Dry And Dusty 2014-01-18 Morning Bell

Playlist – Dry And Dusty live at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering in Portland, Oregon on 1/18/2014.

Dry And Dusty live at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering in Portland, Oregon on 1/18/2014 performing Sal, Would You Marry Me.

Sally Jablonsky: guitar, mandolin, banjo and vocals
Ruthie Jablonsky: guitar, fiddle and vocals

Support the artists by seeing them live and buying their official merchandise.

Set list: Sal, Would You Marry Me / Weary Blues / Chadwell’s Station / Katie Dear / Paradise / Old Granny Blair / Mean Mama / Big Truck Driving Man / Instrumental / The Dying Californian / Glitter / Jenny Baker / Maybe Someday / Morning Bell

Additional information

Playlists in youtube channel Mark’s Memories

Akira Otsuka Solo Mandolin Recital – Bluegrass 45 – Bluegrass in Japan

I have just found the following video in the youtube channel of WAMU, a complete Open Mic show of two hours, with performances by Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass, Gold Heart and Akira Otsuka.

Inspired by this video I had to search around for more information about Akira Otsuka, his band Bluegrass 45, John Duffey and Bluegrass in Japan.

The program of the Open Mic Show starts with a highlight for mandolin players – Akiro Otsuka plays a set of solo pieces on his mandolin. Most of the pieces can be found on his new CD First Tear.

Akira Otsuka is a Japanese mandolin player who played in a Japanese Bluegrass band named Bluegrass 45. This band was invited to the USA in the 1970s and played several concerts. Rebel Records produced several records with Bluegrass 45. Akira Otsuka decided to come back to the USA in the 1970s and has stayed there until today. He has played with many musicians – you can find more information on his website (see below).

Akiro played a beautiful set of mandolin solos on his old Gibson mandolin that had previously been owned by John Duffey.

Open Mic: LIVE from WAMU, 6/20/2014

On June 20, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country presented a special live edition of Open Mic featuring performances from Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass, Gold Heart, and Akira Otsuka.

Some Screenshots form the Video showing Akiro Otsuka and his mandolin:

I have compieled some information about Akiro Otsuka, his band Bluegrass 45 and his mandolin below. I did not have time to listen to the rest of this Open Mic Show, but I am sure that the other two bands are great too!

Additional Information

Akira Otsuka and Bluegrass 45

Website Akira Otsuka

AKIRA OTSUKA first toured the U.S. with legendary “Bluegrass 45,” the first and most influential Japanese Bluegrass band to hit these soils. Since that time, Akira has been acknowledged and honored in both the U.S. and Japan for his outstanding abilities on the mandolin. Highly sought as an accompanist and session player on guitar, banjo and bass as well as mandolin, Akira has shared the stage and recorded with many of the genre’s greatest artists, including Emmy Lou Harris, Nils Lofgren, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ricky Skaggs, Bela Fleck, Jethro Burns, Danny Gatton, Hazel Dickens, Bill Kirchen and Peter Rowan.

Website Bluegrass 45

You can find several videos with Bluegrass 45, including a video from Bill Monroe’s Bean Blossom Festival in 1971 that shows the first appearance of Bluegrass 45 in the USA

Bluegrass 45 ‎– The Bluegrass 45 / Rebel Records ‎– SLP 1502 1971 / Japanies Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass 45 ‎– Caravan / Rebel Records ‎– SLP 1507 1971 / japanies Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass 45 ‎– In The Morning / Rebel Records ‎– SLP 1516 1973 / japanies Bluegrass Band

You can download or listen to 3 complete records by Bluegrass 45!

Bluegrass in Japan–Anya’s Article “Bluegrass Accident” to be published in Japan’s Moonshiner Magazine

Bluegrass 45 reunion tour in Japan (Bluegrass Today article)

Mandolincafe Thread: John Duffey’s Mandolin

Mando Hangout: John Duffey’s Mandolins by Akira Otsuka

Listen to the Seldom Scene with John Duffey at Airplay Direct: Seldom Scene – Live At The Cellar Door

Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass

Website Danny Paisley

Gold Heart

Website Gold Heart


youtube channel of WAMU

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