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David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel / David Grisman and…

David Grisman is currently working with Tommy Emmanuel for a new CD, and the duo will be touring in the USA for the next time.

Today two new videos of the duo have been made available, Cinderella’s Fella and Tipsy Gipsy. I have added three videos from concerts by David Grisman and Tommy Emmanuel in the following playlist:

Twenty years ago David Grismann gave a concert with Tony Rice gegeben, the complete concert with more than 2 hours is available:

David Grisman and Tony Rice, Arts and Science Center of Catawba County, Hickory, NC, 10-11-1997 in its entirety, presented by Acoustic Stage

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Release of Album Pickin’

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP and celebrated mandolinist David “Dawg” Grisman have joined forces on a new collaborative album entitled, Pickin’ – available in stores and all digital retailers on Friday, November 3. This marks the first recorded collaboration between these two acoustic titans and arrives on Grisman’s own label, Acoustic Disc. Pickin’ reflects on both Tommy and David’s signature classical, Americana, folk, and roots stylings, but it also artfully merges jazz rhythms, jamming, and unpredictability in the mix.

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Sheet Music for Mandolin and Guitar in the Library…

In the Library of Congress you can find sheet music for mandolin and guitar. This includes many arrangements of marches by John Philip Sousa for mandolin and guitar, 2 mandolins and guitar or mandolin and piano. There are also severals other pieces from the period around 1900.

In this post I have compiled the first part of sheet music, enriched by some videos of marches by Sousa.

The following sheet music editions are available for free download from the Library of Congress site:

The Bride-Elect: March / John Philip Sousa [sheet music]

Mandolin and guitar:

2 mandolins and guitar:

mandolin solo:

(other version with piano available)

Video: American March “The Bride-Elect March”

La cantinera polka / Rosas [notated music]

mandolin and guitar:

The Charlatan: March / John Philip Sousa [sheet music]

2 mandolins and guitar:

Video: The Charlatan March

Debutante’s gavotte / F Abtler [notated music]

2 mandolins and guitar:

The Diplomat March / John Philip Sousa [sheet music]

mandolin solo:

Cupid waltzes / William T Gery [notated music]

2 mandolins and guitar – only 1st mandolin part:

The darkies’ cradle song / J. W Wheeler [notated music]

1st mandolin and mandola:

The Directorate March / John Philip Sousa [sheet music]

mandolin and guitar:

2 mandolins and guitar:

(other versions with piano available)

The easy one schottische / Wm. H Fletcher [notated music]

2 mandolins and guitar:

Emory waltz / H. P Sutorius [notated music]

2 mandolins and guitar:

Hail to the Spirit of Liberty / John Philip Sousa [sheet music]

mandolin and guitar / piano:


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Simone Salvetti * Compositions for Mandolin & Guitar and…

Simone Salvetti (1870 – 1932) was an Italian composer, conductor and musician. He has composed more than 100 pieces for mandolin and guitar, two mandolins and guitar, mandolin quartet or mandolin orchestra.

In 2010 Ugo Orlando and Claudio Mandonico have organized the recording of a double-CD with works by Simone Salvetti.

The booklet of this CD in Italian and English language is available as download from the following site.


Some compositions by Salvetti were played during the 9th Mandolin Festival in Korea, and some of the performances are available as youtube videos.

I have found the following compositions by Simone Salvetti at youtube (se my youtube playlist below):

  • Sprizzi e Spruzzi
  • Invocazione
  • Nuvole Grigie
  • Sul Lago Sebino
  • Vorrei Dirti
  • Le Piroette di Lulu
  • Pizzicoti al Buio
  • Sulle Onde del Sebino
  • Alla Fonte Igea
  • Poesia Alpestre
  • Tramonto Sul Monte Tonale
  • Ricordi di Breno

If you like traditional Italian mandolin music you should listen to the compositions by Simone Salvetti.

This is a performance of three pieces for mandolin and guitar by Ugo Orlandi (mandolin) and Luisella Conter (guitar):

9th korea mandolin festival S.Salvetti Le piroette di lulù e Nuvole grige e Vorrei dirti

Salvetti’s composition Sul Lago Sebino is played by the Intermezzo Quartet from Italy:

Sul Lago Sebino

1° Mandolino: M° Giorgio Pertusi
2° Mandolino: M° Paola Esposito
Mandola: M* Antonio Fiori
Chitarra: Omar Fassa

I have also found this historical recording of the Spanish Rhapsody by Simone Salvetti:

PUBLIC DOMAIN – Spanish Rhapsody – Athenian Mandolin Quartet

Victor 10 inch record #17990-A, “Spanish Rhapsody”, played by the Athenian Mandolin Quartet (recorded February 25, 1916).


Playlist Simone Salvetti


Additional Information

Link collection Simone Salvetti: https://pinboard.in/u:mandoisland/t:simone_salvetti/

Midi version of Invocazione: http://www.geocities.jp/h_ikem/invoca.htm

Midi version of Poesia Alpestre: http://www.geocities.jp/h_ikem/alpestm.htm

mandolin and guitar

Eric und Suzy Thompson – Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun &…

Some days ago I have downloaded a piece played by Eric Thompson from the Acoustic Oasis site.

This made me curious about Eric Thompson and I have searched for more music. I found many videos with Eric Thompson playing guitar and also an old Gibson F4 mandolin.

Suzy and Eric Thompson SHORTENIN’ BREAD.mp4

The next piece is a great waltz in Cajun style:

Suzy and Eric Thompson Balfa Waltz Lake Arthur Stomp

In the next video you can hear and see Eric Thompson play a Puertorican cuatro:

Suzy and Eric Thompson IN THE PINES.mp4

Later I have found two complete sets of videos from concerts given during the Portland Old-time Music Gathering this year and two years ago, with Eric and Suzy Thompson.

Portland Old-time Music Gathering in Portland, Oregon on 1/14/2012

Portland Oregon Oldtime Gathering on 1/16/2010:

Eric plays guitar or mandolin, while Suzy plays fiddle or guitar – a great mix of blues, bluegrass, oldtime, cajun that I like very much.

On the website of Eric and Suzy Thompson you can read:

About Eric & Suzy Thompson: These virtuoso roots musicians specialize in the down-home sounds of the American South. Their musical palette includes Appalachian story-songs and bluegrass breakdowns, classic country blues, Louisiana Cajun dance music, and paso dobles from Puerto Rico. Eric’s flatpicking on guitar and mandolin is exceptional for its purity of tone, speed, and soulfulness; Suzy is a powerful singer, an award-winning fiddler and Cajun accordion player who has apprenticed with older generation Louisiana Cajun musicians under an NEA Fellowship. Founding members of many influential roots music groups including the Black Mountain Boys, Any Old Time, the Klezmorim, and the California Cajun Orchestra, Eric and Suzy have also worked with Jerry Garcia, Maria Muldaur, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Darol Anger, Laurie Lewis, the Savoy Doucet Cajun Trio, and many other fine musicians.

Playlist Suzy and Eric Thompson

Enjoy the concerts with Eric und Suzy Thompson!

Additional Information

Homepage Eric and Suzy Thompson: http://ericandsuzy.com/

Report about the Portland Old-time Music Gathering:

13th Annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering – ‘Fiddles, Banjos and Cloggers – Oh My!’

Festival website: http://www.bubbaguitar.com/festival/

A free download every day at: http://acousticoasis.com/welcome.html