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Francesco Mammola – Mandolin Player from Italy – Mandolin…

Francesco Mammola is a young mandolin player from Italy. He has studied in Aquila and has passed with distinction in 2015. His favorite instrument is the mandolin, but he plays the piano and the accordion as well.

During the last years he has given many concerts in Italy and whole Europe. Last year he gave a concert at the festival “Le strade d‘Europa” in Lithuania. The videos made by the local TV station are available at youtube with mandolin concertos by Caudioso, Giuliano and Vivaldi.

Playliste Francesco Mammola und Čiurlionis Quartet

Francesco Mammola, mandolin

Nijolė Dorotėja Beniušytė, harpsichord


Jonas Tankevičius (I Violin)

Darius Dikšaitis (II Violin)

Gediminas Dačinskas (Viola)

Saulius Lipčius (Violoncello)

Filmed at the 9th International Music Festival “Le strade d‘Europa”, 12th November 2017, Vilnius

Francesco Mammola is very active as a mandolin teacher and director of youth ensembles like the Giovane Orchestra Pescolana.

In the following video he plays the famous song Tu vuò fà l’americano by Renato Carrosone to present the mandolin:

Tu vuò fà l’americano

I have made a large playlist with videos with Francesco Mammola. The playlist starts with the videos of a concert given in November 2016. Mammola plays the mandolin together with clarinet, bossoon and piano. The play Italian music with works by Ennio Morricone, Rossini, music from the movie La Vita è Bella, Carneval of Venice, a potpourri with Neapolitan folk songs and the Czardas by Vittorio Monti. The playlist includes some videos from the EXPO in Milano in 2015 where Francesco Mammola played Italian folk music together with Lino Giusti on the guitar.

A concert of the Quintetto a Pizzico Aquilano with Francesco Mammola given in London in June 2013 is also included in the playlist. Read more “Francesco Mammola – Mandolin Player from Italy – Mandolin Concertos and Italian Music”

favorite tunes

John Reischman: A Prairie Jewel – A Beautiful Tune…

I am currently reviewing a list of songs and tunes that I have collected for my band Blackberry Jam. A beautiful instrumental for the mandolin is A Prairie Jewel by John Reischman. John Reischman is one of the best sounding mandolin players that I know. His album North of the Border belongs to my all time favorite mandolin albums.

John Reischman : A Prairie Jewel

“A Prairie Jewel” is from John Reischman’s exquisite 2013 release, “Walk Along John”. His website is “One of the most tasteful and accomplished mandolinists anywhere.” – Acoustic Musician

A live video of A Prairie Jewel can be found on the website of Peghead Nation:

My version as a Mandolin & Guitar duet:

I have not found any TABs for this tune, but as it is a slow tune it is easy to learn from the videos.

Chord Chart:

Buy John Reischman – Walk Along John (Amazon partnerlink)

Another great album by John Reischman – one of my favorite albums:

North of the Border




Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘Silence Lovers Club…

Fernando Barroso has just released his new CD ‘Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces’. He is promoting this new CD with concerts and radio interviews. Today I have listened to the Lume na palleira podcast by Radio Galega. The second hour of this podcast is completely dedicated to the interview with Fernando Barroso and it includes seven tracks from this CD. Another podcast includes 3 pieces from the new CD.

The music is very interesting, the sound of the mandolin and the cello fit together very well. The compositions are rhytmically and melodically interesting. I love this music very much.

There are two youtube videos with pieces from the CD:

Fernando Barroso con Margarida Mariño – O Barqueirinho

Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘D-Swing’

Playlist Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño

Additional Information

Website Fernando Barroso

Podcast: Lume na Paleira – Jan. 28, 2018 – Including 7 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers and a long interview with Fernando Barroso (in Spanish language)

Podcast: Corcovadomusica including 3 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers:

You can download the album “Silence Lovers Club” from Amazon (Partnerlink)


Fernando Barroso and Luis Peixoto – Mandolin, Bouzouki, Cavaquinho

Luis Peixoto and Fernando Barroso have taken part in the Madeira Mandolin Festivals of the last years. Fernando Barroso has just recorded a new album which will be available on January 16. Luis Peixoto was born in 1980 in Coimbra in Portugal, Fernando Barroso is from Galicia in the Northwest of Spain. Both share the love for all kind of stringed instruments like mandolin, bouzouki, cavaquinho or guitar. They have worked together and in different groups with other musicians.

During the last days I have compiled a large playlist with recordings by Fernando Barroso and Luis Peixoto.

In this post I want to present the music of Luis Peixoto and Fernando Barroso. In 2012 the album POP has been published, a life concert was filmed in 2013 and is available on youtube. In this concert Fernando Barroso does mainly play the Bouzouki, while Luis Peixoto plays the mandolin, the cavaquinho and some other instruments. I plan to present other project by Fernando Barroso and Luis Peixoto in my next posts.

Luis Peixoto – Bio (from his website)

Luis Peixoto was born in Coimbra in 1980.

Studied Classical Guitar and recorder flute at Lagos Music Academy; Mandolin at the Conservatory of Coimbra; cavaquinho, mandolin and guitarra de Coimbra at the Traditional Instruments School (Secção de Fado – Coimbra Academic Associativity) with professors Jorge Gomes, Ricardo Dias and Amadeu Magalhães. Also attended a degree in Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Coimbra).

Fernando Barros – Bio (from website)

BIOGRAFÍA: Fernando Barroso es un músico, compositor y productor gallego, nacido en Ferrol en 1979. Doctorado en Química-Física por la Universidad de Vigo en 2010, desde 2011 se dedica exclusívamente a la producción musical y a la participación en diferentes proyectos musicales en Galicia. En la actualidad forma parte de las bandas ‘Riobó’, ‘Budiño’ y ‘TRIM’ y ha colaborado con artistas de la talla de Anxo Lorenzo, Xabier Díaz o Julio Pereira. Fue parte de la mítica banda ‘paratradicional’ ferrolana ‘Os Cempés’ durante su última etapa y co-fundador del trío internacional ‘Assembly Point’ junto a Eoghan Neff y Luís Peixoto. Con éste último ha co-producido también otros trabajos como ‘POP(2013)’ o TRIM(2014)’. Desde 2016 forma parte del laboratório creativo NEXO, junto con músicos de varios países de América y Europa.

Playlist – Concert Fernando Barroso & Luis Peixoto – Dubideos

Playlist Luis Pexoito & Fernando Barroso – POP

Additional information

Website Luis Peixoto

Website Fernando Barroso