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The Cretan Laouto – A Big and Great Sounding…

I have discovered the Cretan Laouto some time ago and have written the following post in my German blog. I thought that I should also make a version in English about this interesting instrument from Greece. The Cretan Laouto has 4 double strings, the three lower strings are tuned in octaves, the highest strings are

Mandolins in Greece – The Attika Plucked String Orchestra

Street of Dreams M. Hadjidakis, ATTIKA Plucked String Orchestra Performed by ATTIKA Sextet at “Syn kai Plin” television music magazine Mandolin: Aris Dimitriadis, Giannis Goumenakis Mandola alto: Giorgos Goumenakis Mandola tenore: Panayiotis Lampropoulos Guitar: Michalis Sidiropoulos Piano: Dimitris Giannis Description of the Attika Plucked String Orchestra from  Homepage: The Orchestra was founded in

Manos Hadjidakis – Gioconda’s Smile – Greece – With…

I have recently found some interesting videos of guitarists from Greece, and so I decided it was time to find some interesting music from Greece with guitar and mandolin. Today i want to present a work by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis which is performed by a big orchestra including two mandolins and two guitars. It

Vivi Gkeka – The Greek and Carribean Mandolin Sound

Vivi Gkeka (or Vivi Geka) is a mandolin player from Greece. I have recently discovered her videos on youtube. The recent videos with Vivi Gkeka have been produced together with the pianist Dr. George Roberts. Let’s start with one of the Carribean Music Videos – Sly Mongoose Working with Vivi, my Athenian Mandolin collaborator on