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Duo Verso – Great Music for Panflute and Guitar

In my last post I wrote about the German panflute virtuoso Ulrich Herkenhoff. Unfortunately I did not find a video with panflute and guitar or mandolin by Ulrich Herkenhoff, but I found the videos of the Duo Verso from the Netherlands. This is a text from the homepage of the Duo verso:

Verso was formed in 1997; its two members are panflute player Matthijs Koene and guitarist Stefan Gerritsen.

The outstanding expression of the instruments is put to use in a very broad range of styles, from Dowland, Giuliani and Piazzolla, to the newest music by Theo Loevendie, Artyum Kim, Daan Manneke, Gerard Beljon, and Louis Aguirre among others. In their programmes, the music especially written for Verso is placed next to classical compositions, which sound surprisingly authentic.

The Duo Verso plays a very interesting repertoir of music for panflute and guitar  from the 16th century until today. Many composers wrote new original compositions especially for the Duo Verso.

The first video that I found was the following version of Nightclub 1960 by Astor Piazolla in the version for panflute and guitar.

Verso speelt Piazzolla bij Vrije Geluiden

Nightclub 1960 van Astor Piazzolla
uitgevoerd door Verso:
Matthijs Koene, Panfluit en Stefan Gerritsen, gitaar
live uitvoering bij Vrije Geluiden mei 2008



The second video is even more interesting. It’s almost unbelievable which sounds can be produced by this instrument.

Verso speelt Timucin Sahin bij Vrije Geluiden

On the homepage of the Duo Verso you can find some other videos and several audio files. One example that I did also like very much is the version of the Lachrimae Pavan by John Dowland and Jakob van Eyck. Also available is a recording of the piece that gave the name to the duo: Verso, composed by Ron Ford for the Duo Verso.

Verso was formed in 1997; its two members are panflute player Matthijs Koene and guitarist Stefan Gerritsen. The duo was named after the work Verso, which was written for them by the American-Dutch composer Ron Ford. Passionately and with a sense of style the duo performs classical music, as well as contemporary repertoire. Appreciation for the duo is not only expressed by the audience, but is also demonstrated by the commendations of juries at international contests and the many prizes that the duo has won:

Enjoy panflute and guitar with the fantastic Duo Verso!

Playlist Duo Verso


Homepage of the Duo Verso: http://www.panflute-guitar.nl/


aa mandolin guitar

Ulrich Herkenhoff – Master of the Panflute

Ulrich Herkenhoff is one of the most important virtuoso on the panflute in Germany. On his website http://www.art-of-pan.de/ you can read about his most important successes:

Through his interpretation of classical music Ulrich Herkenhoff has inspired several contemporary composers to write music for the panflute. In 1992 he was awarded the Munich “Förderpreis des Gasteig Kulturkreises” (Sponsorship of Culture Group) and in 1996 with the Bavarian “Staatsförderpreis für junge Künstler” (State Sponsorship for Young Artists).

Besides giving concerts Ulrich Herkenhoff is also acting in the pedagogical area; he is invited to national and international panflute seminars as an instructor since several years. In 1993 he inaugurated the first official class for panflute at the music-school in Bad Tölz, Germany. In the year 2000 he received the famous “Echo” award of the “Deutsche Phono Akademie e.V.” for his CD “Symphonic Cinema”, honoured as best classical virtuoso of the year.

Since then Herkenhoff is also much asked for as soloist for cinema soundtracks. Among others he participated in the Oscar-winning music of “Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King” (composer: Howard Shore). He also contributed to the recording of Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack of “Fateless” (Roman eines Schicksallosen).

At the moment there are no videos showing Ulrich Herkenhoff with plucked strings. But he has played with guitarists several times, and another concert with Prof. Wolfgang Jungwirth is planned for later this year.

Two videos show Ulrich Herkenhoff  with improvisations about Rumanian folk music, accompanied by Laurentiu Ciocanel on the tambal, an instrumant similar to the cymbal from Hungary and the Hackbrett (hamered dulcimer) used in folk music of different countries. This sounds at least like a plucked instrument.

Ulrich Herkenhoff and Laurentiu Ciocanel

Ulrich Herkenhoff, panflute and Laurentiu Ciocanel, tambal, play rumanian folkmusic at the panflute-workshop in Garsten, Austria.:

Next an example of a modern piece, the very popular and often played Syrinx, composed by Claude Debussy for the flute:

Ulrich Herkenhoff plays “Syrinx”

Ulrich Herkenhoff, panflutevirtuoso, plays “Syrinx” from Claude Debussy on his ebony-wood-panflute, made by himself.

Next an example with music by Johann Sebastina Bach:

Ulrich Herkenhoff and Capella Istropolitana 2

Finally the video from the Echo event in 2000. Ulrich Herkenhoff plays the music from the movie Out of Africa by John Barry.

Ulrich Herkenhoff, Echopreis 2000

Filmmusik aus Jenseits von Afrika von John Barry

Additional Information

Websites of Ulrich Herkenhoff:

Official website: www.art-of-pan.de

Publishing company specialized in music for the panflute, CDs, DVDs: www.muscal-verlag.com

Panflute shop – here you can buy instruments: www.panfloetenshop.com

About studying the panflute: www.panfloetenstudium.eu

Information about the instrument tambal: http://www.eliznik.org.uk/RomaniaMusic/tambal.htm