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The Mandolin Symposium 2015

Videos from the Mandolin Symposium 2015 have been made available in the youtube channel  Mandotunes.

The videos form the Friday night concert include teacher performances with Mike Marshall, Caterina Lichtenberg, Don Stiernberg, Sharon Gilchrist, Dudu Maia, Rich del Grosso, Roland White, Mike Mullins and the different student ensembles.

The playlist does also include videos of the Brazilian Choro group Choro das Tres and the Ragtime Skedaddlers who performed at the Mandolin Symposium 2015.

Playlist Mandolin Symposium 2015

Website Mandolin Symposium: Mandolin Symposium

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Children’s Master Class Concert – Mandolin Symposium 2004

Some days ago many videos from the Mandolin Symposium have been uploaded by youtube user mandotunes.

My faorite video at the moment is a video of a performance of the Children’s Master Class in 2004. The group was conducted by Chris Thile and did really give a great performance – do not miss this!

Children’s Master Class Concert – Mandolin Symposium 2004

A Playlist with more young mandolin players


Youtube channel mandotunes with more videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/mandotunes

Mike Marshall about the mandolin symposium: http://www.mikemarshall.net/mandosymposium.htm

In 2004 Sarah Jarosz was one of the young players at the Mandolin Symposium – in 2017 she won a Grammy for her album Undercurrent!

Sarah Jarosz – Grammy 2017 – Undercurrent (Amazon partnerlink)